How-to-wear a body armor perfectly

How to Wear A Body Armor Perfectly

Many of my readers ask me to write about How to wear the body armor perfectly. So here I am! Though I know that there is a lot of blogs talked about that. Some may say to wear the vest bellow your belly, some may say to wear that bellow of your navel. That is so confusing, right? That’s why I thought to discuss on that topic so that you don’t get confused.

Let’s start:

How to Wear a Bullet Proof Body Armor Correctly

Well, there are some specific rules you need to care about when you are wearing body armor. First of all, you need to know about the main goal of making the bulletproof vest or stab proof vest. The vests or any kinda body armors are designed in such a way so that it can at least prevent your vital organs from the bullet or any other threat. Now, I guess I don’t have to tell you which part of your body organ is vital or not! So when you are wearing body armor, make sure that you cover all of your vital organs like the heart, lungs, etc. Don’t worry about those fu*kin blogs that make you confused. Also, make sure that you know the body armor size. If not I recommend you read my another article where I talked about the armor size.

I suggest you wear the vests just above your navel. Also, make sure that the plates are covering your chest. Maybe this seems uncomfortable, especially to the women. But think a bit, if that was made to give you comfort, you should have worn this all the time as you wear shirts, pants and other dresses. So safety is more important than comfort.

Check this video as well. You will get my 90% point once you see this video. Thanks to the video creator!

So you now have understood what I was pointing to. Again, here are some points you should always keep in mind if you need any kind of body armor:

  • Make sure you bought the best quality bulletproof vest. Don’t hesitate to buy something good even if it’s expensive. Always remember that you should live!
  • Just keep in mind that you need to protect your vital organ. So cover up the chest. Don’t worry if your belly doesn’t get fully covered. If you got shot in your belly, this won’t be any “Immediate deadly” injury.

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