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Best Bullet Proof Vest 2019 – Reviews And Top Picks

In Tactical1Equipment, we recommended the top 5 bullet proof vests that are available in the market. We have tested a lot of things before inserting them in the top 5. Our main goal is to provide you a list of the best bullet proof vest so that you can select a right one for you.

Here are the reviews of top 5 bullet proof vest

We have discussed below the five best bullet proof vests review to help assess and select the best vests available option for the wearer.

1. YAKEDA Tactical CS Outdoor Ultra-light Breathable Combat Training Vest

Available in various sizes and colors, these ultra-light Tactical vests can be adjusted to the smallest waist size of 33 inches to largest waist size of 53 inches. The shoulder can also be adjusted with the help of long Velcro strips. The tactical vest is designed in such a way that the left side of it has a pistol holster for almost all medium frames pistols and three pockets for holding the pistol magazines which can be adjusted to the height of most normal sized mag whereas the right side of the vest has three ammo Pouches, a shooting pad, and a pouch to carry large shells. Apart from these pockets, there are two mental D-rings available for the attachment of carabiners and other equipment.

The rear of the vest is made of double-ply mesh which helps in the addition of a Hydration bladder and also constitutes the carrying handle along with the strips to camouflage the material and other Pouches.

A tactical vest is mounted on top of the tough nylon mesh material for air ventilation.The vest can be secured with the zip in the front and the pistol belt threaded through the loops on the bottom.

Inside of the vest has two zip up document pockets on the left and right side

Things We Like
  • Can be adjusted from the sizes S to XXL.
  • Has numerous pockets divided on the right and left the side of the vest for the better organization and easy accessibility.
  • Designed for mostly the outdoor travels, mountaineering, fashion, business, outdoor activities and cosplay of Counter Strike game, the vest provides the secured zips and straps to hold the items.
  • Since the vest has been designed by the world’s renowned company ‘Yakeda’ which deals with high quality and design products for the military, army, and outdoor activities, these Tactical vests manufactured by them are also one of the best bulletproof armor available which meet the high standard and quality.
Things We Didn't Like
  • The sizes available claim to fit the user waist up to 53 inches but in reality, it does not seem to even fit the waist size up to 46 inches.
  • Size misfit seems to be a major drawback.
  • The pistol holster can stay just in 90 degrees whereas many prefer their holster at 45 degrees too for more convenience.

2. UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest

These vests are sold exclusively as the ‘one size Fits Most’ vest which is fully adjustable in girth and length.

The vest contains the sturdy storage system with four universally designed, deluxe adjustable Rifle Mag Pouches (3 in the right and in the left). Each pouch can hold 1-2 most popular Mags which are made to be held tightly by the hook and loop closure system, drain holes and elastic.

The vest also contains a Deluxe Universal cross-draw holster which can be adjusted to any angle on the vest as per the requirement. For those who have no use of the holster, there is extra Double mag pouch included which can be easily interchanged with the holster with the help of extra hook and loop. Since both come with belt loop ready for belt carry, neither of the features is wasted.

Apart from all these Pouches, the vest also has the heavy duty back loop system to carry additional gears, two large internal Pouches with zipping to hold documents and magazines.

There is a small radio pouch included in the upper left chest of the vest. Though these radio Pouches are quite small in size to hold even the standard size radios, these can be utilized to flash small tools like led flash lights.

The vest includes a heavy duty rescue handle with tremendous strength to drag the wearer in the times when they are unable to move. Hence this feature is highly useful for field operations.

This high quality, efficiently designed vests include a signature Mesh ventilation system which helps release moisture and heat.

Things We Like
  • The overall design of the vest is highly commendable with numerous adjustable storage Pouches.
  • With the affordable range, these all-purpose vests provide all the convenient features to the user.
  • Additional color choices are available.
Things We Didn't Like
  • Though this vest claims to be one size fit all, it may loosely fit the user with a small frame.
  • The small radio pouch is too small to hold the radio of even standard size.

3. Yakeda Tactical Vest Outdoor Vest Field Play, Army Fans Outdoor Vest

Sorry, this item is no longer available! 🙁
Made of a High density, thick PVC lined nylon, these vests are designed to provide a strong tensile wear resistant ability providing the maximum durability.

These adjustable fit adult vests come in various sizes ranging from S-XXL and fit the maximum chest size of 50 inches as they come with the adjustable Velcro attachment on both sides and shoulder. They are perfectly designed with the foam cushioning for the target shooting, law enforcement, airsoft, and paintballs. The vests are made in such a way that they are loose enough to provide comfort and freedom to move and tight enough to provide a secure hold on all the accessories placed on the vest.

There are numerous Pouches on the vest which include three standard magazine Pouches, 1 map and flashlight pouch, 2 communication Pouches and 1 medic pouch.

All these Pouches are detachable and can be combined with the belt (not included).

The Molle of the vest is designed as Modular lightweight load carrying system with powerful suspension belts to strengthen tactical load bearing and has magic Velcro.

Things We Like
  • Considering the affordable price of the vest, it seems fantastic with amazing quality.
  • The vest is extremely comfortable with the adjustable Velcro to loosen or tighten the fit as per the comfort
  • All the Pouches are detachable
Things We Didn't Like
  • The size seems to misfit the users of small stature though the specification says it can be adjusted to fit any size.

4. YAKEDA Law Enforcement Tactical SWAT Vest

Widely used by the professional law enforcement officers, the holster of this vest is designed in a very innovative way to quickly open the button switch with just one finger and immediately perform the work .the button switch can also be adjusted to hold the pistols of different length.

Made of 900D high-density nylon, interfiled with comfortable quilted, lightweight and heavy duty, this vest provides fast escape and quick release on shoulder and waist for wearing and removing it.

There are hook and loop attached to both sides and shoulder of the vest which helps to fully adjust the fit as per the size of the user.The maximum chest size it can go up to is 65 inches.

Available in the varied sizes from S-XXL, these vests are comfortably fitted to the user to provide the full freedom of movement to the user as well as hold the equipment tight enough not to fall off.

Like any other Tactical vests, these SWAT vest also provides numerous Pouches for all the mag and accessories, map and flashlight pouch, medic utility pouch, handcuff pouch and a holster.

Things We Like
  • The vest is of high quality.
  • Provided with lots of very useful Pouches, these vests are perfect for the required task.
  • It comes in an affordable range.
  • Comes in varied sizes to fit snugly to all the users.
Things We Didn't Like
  • No color options are available except for black and hence it can get really warm for outdoor activities.

5. UTG Law Enforcement Tactical SWAT Vest, Black

Specially designed for the law enforcement entry team and firearm admirers, tactical SWAT vest provides several storage options for their rugged and practical gears.

There are plenty of front pockets and a large back pocket to hold all the magazines and accessories in an organized manner. Besides these pockets, the vest constitutes thumb break holster, pistol and rifle magazine Pouches, elastic loops for the shotgun shells and a radio pockets.

The vest is made of rugged nylon on the exterior to maintain the durability of the vest for years and has quilted comfort inside. It can also be adjusted through the shoulder and waist to fit the user comfortably.

Things We Like
  • The vest is made of a very durable and yet comfortable material which can last for years.
  • Can be custom fitted through the adjustable shoulder and waist.
  • Numerous pockets available for organized usage.
  • The look of the vest is awesome.
Things We Didn't Like
  • Almost No MOLLE/Velcro For Additional Pouches or Swapping
  • Tightening string can easily be unraveled

So, as seen above, it is essential to protect oneself from the harm which can be avoided or minimized and this is possible by acquiring effective and capable armor Systems.

What is a bullet-resistant vest, and How Does it Work?

Bullet resistant vests commonly referred to as ‘bulletproof vests’ are the form of body armor specifically designed to provide protection to the wearer from the injury caused by the firearm fired projectiles and fragments of explosions.

Since these vests can never be totally bulletproof and can only provide maximum protection to the wearer by reducing the impact of the bullet and explosions, the wearer and manufacturers these days prefer referring to this vest as ‘Bullet resistant vest’ instead of bulletproof vests.

Bullet resistant vests are the amazing invention made to protect the thousands of valuable lives which otherwise would have been lost without any true cause.

So how exactly do these wonderful vests work?

These vests are either made up of layers of tightly woven threads of Kevlar yarns or the nonwoven fibers spurned on strong polyethylene polymer filaments.

These fibers are made by moving the para-aramids or Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight-polyethylene(UHMWPE) which have the extremely high strength to weight ratio.

Hence these extremely strong yet flexible fibers from the web which can catch hold of the bullet and disperse the impact of it throughout the vest resulting in the deformation of the bullet. The energy of the Projectile is absorbed by the successive layer of the vest till the point the bullet is stopped.

For the more adverse situations where the threat is greater and hence this fiber bullet-resistant vests are not very effective for the heavy ammunition, hard armors are used which are made up of plates of ceramic, steel or titanium. Though quite bulky and thick, these armors are perfect for the extreme impacts.

Which Vest Is Right For Me?

Since bulletproof vests provide significant protection to the ones who wear them, it is very important not to ignore their importance. All the people be who are at the risk of being shot should definitely consider wearing these vests. These vests are not only made for police officers but are also available for bodyguards, security guards, national leaders and even civilians who are in constant fear for their lives.

These vests come in different styles as per the usage. Some are bulky and thick to provide greater protection from the threats of heavy firearms whereas many are thin and light weighted to be worn on daily basis.

So it is very important for the wearer to decide which Vest is perfect for them. Choosing the wrong style vests can lead to unnecessary discomfort and even risk to lives.

Hence the manufacturers have come up with two distinct types of Bulletproof vests to choose from.

  1. Covert: Covert vests are the ones which are worn underneath the clothing. These vests are preferred by the ones who are in constant fear of being shot in daily life and hence would like to stay cautious for any unexpected disaster. Wearing the covert vests in regular basis means one is always protected from situations like not only shootings but from the car crashes too. These vests are generally light weighted, cool and flexible so can be comfortably worn by not only the professional but also by the civilians.
  2. Overt: Overt vests are the ones which are worn on top of the regular clothing due to its bulkier and heavier make. These vests provide a high level of protection from heavy gun fire, as well as the large blades stabbing hence these vests, are generally used by the ones who are exposed to situations with a greater threat to the military personnel and agents from the police force.
So depending on the amount of risk one is exposed to, the level of comfort required, and the weather conditions faced, the wearer, can decide which type of vest is right for them. For example, overt vests seem to be the best bulletproof vests for the civilians whereas the covert ones for the professionals like those in military and police.

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