Best Bullet Proof Vest in the World

Being a law-enforcement professional or someone who likes to go shooting for sport, the equipment you should own must include a bulletproof vest. It is because your safety is something you should pay more attention to than any other thing.

At a Glance:

Please, note that other than some military-grade bulletproof vests, these tactical vests are not completely bulletproof; however, they still provide pretty great resistance against the bullets.

Since it is a matter of personal safety and care, there is no way you should compromise on the quality and performance of a tactical vest, and today, we are putting out the best of them.

This article brings you the 5 best bulletproof vests in 2021 which we have reviewed to help ensure bringing the best and safest body armor vests in the market.

However, only buying the best bulletproof vest is not going to cut it and you will need to pair it with the right set of body armor plates to ensure 100% safety for yourself. Let us now proceed and bring you the best bulletproof vests comparison table and then the detailed reviews of the products.

5 Best Bulletproof Vests

We have discussed below the five best bulletproof vests review to help assess and select the best vests available option for the wearer.

DesignBulletproof VestRetailer

GFIRE Tactical Lightweight & Adjustable Vest

Best Pick

GFIRE Tactical Lightweight & Adjustable Vest is our first pick for the list. This best bulletproof vest has established itself as one of the most durable ones out there while remaining lightweight and accessible. It comes with an emergency drag handle that will allow the jacket to hold well with the body. Moreover, there are anti-slip shoulder pads that are removable and come with loop guides and a hook.

One of the reasons why it goes so well for anyone is because of the adjustable shoulder straps, allowing it to fit every user’s body. Not just that, they have manufactured heavyweight webbings in the design for modular attachments in case you might need them. GFIRE Tactical Lightweight & Adjustable Vest comes in different sizes from medium to extra-large and is designed to suit most people’s needs.

GFIRE Tactical Lightweight & Adjustable Vest is one of the most durable and sturdy bulletproof vests on the market. This sturdiness comes from materials like 1000D polyester used in the making. To recognize a cheaper product, you need to see whether it uses 1000D or 600D polyester in the making; the latter being the low-quality one and you would not see good brands using it at all.

The modular-lightweight load-carrying equipment capacity of the GFIRE Tactical Lightweight & Adjustable Vest is pretty great. This high-strength MOLLE ensures that you can use any modular attachments depending on your needs in the field. Moreover, the load-carrying capacity is big so that you can carry all the gear you need with you.

GFIRE Tactical Lightweight & Adjustable Vest has accessible front and side pockets, allowing you to store most of the stuff you need on the adventure. However, we would have appreciated it more if this bulletproof best had any pouches, which are very useful in a product like this. Moreover, it could certainly use some price reduction since it is quite expensive at this point.

Why should you buy GFIRE Tactical Lightweight & Adjustable Vest?

  • GFIRE Tactical Lightweight & Adjustable Vest has a front and side pocket for carrying necessary stuff such as tools and maps.
  • The MOLLE webbing on this tactical and concealable bulletproof vest is incredible.
  • You can customize your favorite best as much as you can for ease of use and convenience.
  • The breathability is excellent with durable and sturdy materials used in the making.


  • Fully customizable
  • Front & side pockets
  • 1000D durable polyester
  • High-quality MOLLE webbing
  • It is waterproof


  • It is quite expensive
  • It doesn’t have any pouches

Jipemtra Tactical MOLLE Airsoft Vest Review

Budget Pick

While finding an affordable price was a big problem with the first pick, our second-best bulletproof vest Jipemtra Tactical MOLLE Airsoft Vest well; however, at the cost of some material durability. For instance, of using something like 1000D polyester, this tactical vest is made of high-quality nylon; though it maintains the adjustability and customization options that you can use in the field.

The size of Jipemtra Tactical MOLLE Airsoft Vest is available between 35 and 57 inches; nonetheless, you can adjust it further with the adjustable shoulder straps. Jipemtra Tactical MOLLE Airsoft Vest also solves the pouches problem since it has plenty of them while the previous product had none. Also, when required, you can attach a patch to this adhesive best any time you want for a better experience.

Though Jipemtra Tactical MOLLE Airsoft Vest doesn’t use something as durable as 1000D polyester in the making, the tough nylon material is not a bad choice either. This is a mesh material that allows good air ventilation, given it has a better mesh design, making it breathable and durable for games. The MOLLE system in this one is a big upgrade with added pouches and gear you can use.

Jipemtra Tactical MOLLE Airsoft Vest multi-functionality is another thing that could attract you the most. It can be used for multiple activities, including hunting, tactical training, mountaineering, target shooting, paintball, cosplay, and CS games. One thing that would add about its MOLLE system is the addition of D-rings, allowing you to hold equipment like carabineers.

Jipemtra Tactical MOLLE Airsoft Vest comes in one fit-for-all size with adjustable shoulder pads and a detachable waist belt. These are designed in a way for men that you can easily adjust them around your waist size. Even though the product is great overall; we would have still preferred it if it was using 1000D polyester in the making that would surely ensure more durability and sturdiness.

Why should you buy Jipemtra Tactical MOLLE Airsoft Vest?

  • Jipemtra Tactical MOLLE Airsoft Vest is an affordable product as compared to other brands.
  • One of the most versatile tactical vests which have multiple adjustments and modifications.
  • It is made of durable and breathable nylon mesh that gives you an edge in the field.
  • Jipemtra Tactical MOLLE Airsoft Vest comes with enough pouches for holding necessary equipment.


  • Well-padded shoulders
  • Better chest coverage
  • Good bullet-resistance
  • Adjustable waist straps
  • A functional design


  • Complex shoulder straps
  • It can’t carry tech items with ease

NC Star CTVC2916T Tactical Vest for Children Review

Children between ages 8 and 13 are quite interested in getting involved with tactical equipment; however, mostly for games such as paintball. When it comes to choosing a tactical vest for your children, the best bulletproof vest we recommend is NC Star CTVC2916T. Made of highly-durable PVC material, this NC Star tactical vest is what your children need for protection and safety in the field.

NC Star CTVC2916T Tactical Vest has everything that you need in a good tactical vest that has to get the job done. The first feature we want to mention is durable PVC construction that allows durability and ventilation causing lesser breathing problems during prolonged use. Besides the tough PVC, mesh webbing is undoubtedly the feature that is a must-have and this product brings it for you.

There are plenty of pouches in NC Star CTVC2916T Tactical Vest to hold loads of equipment, including 4 pistol magazines, 2 rifle magazines, and a cross-draw pistol holster that adds to the beauty and ergonomics of the design. Even though it doesn’t include a bladder, it is compatible with any hydration system you want to use ensuring a better user experience and safety.

NC Star CTVC2916T Tactical Vest is recommended for children only between ages 8 and 13. If your kids are into playing paintball or airsoft battles, this is certainly one of our top recommendations. Though the product comes with sizes for adults as well so if the one you are buying for your kid impresses you; you can go ahead and buy one for yourself as well in the adult’s size.

There are a few limitations as well, including the pouch-size compatibility for 5.56 magazines. Also, the manufacturer needs to put out more of these since the high demand is making the availability limited.

Why should you buy NC Star CTVC2916T Tactical Vest for Children?

  • NC Star CTVC2916T Tactical Vest is for children between 8 and 13 years old.
  • It has multiple pouches for rifles, handguns, and draw gun magazines.
  • The high-quality and durable PVC material for strength and sturdiness.
  • It also comes with a pistol belt which is a nice addition to the product.


  • Durable and lightweight
  • Includes a pistol belt
  • Good ventilation and durability
  • Compatibility with hydration system
  • Adjustment straps and zippers


  • A bit expensive
  • Limited availability

BARSKA Men’s Loaded Gear VX-100 Tactical Vest Review

Staff Pick

It could not get top-notch and high-quality for this list than BARSKA Men’s Loaded Gear VX-100 Tactical Vest. However, since it is one of the most expensive tactical vests you can get so you got to have a good budget for it. But when it comes to features, quality, and performance, BARSKA Men’s Loaded Gear VX-100 Tactical Vest is undoubtedly one of the best bulletproof vests out there; let us explain why.

While buying a tactical vest, the first thing a person considers is whether the vest they are buying will fit or not. When it comes to this best body armor vest, it comes with plenty of options for adults such as adjustable shoulder straps, side straps, and shoulder buckles. These are present on each side of BARSKA Men’s Loaded Gear VX-100 Tactical Vest allowing a quick custom fit for adults within a short time.

Being an adult, you are probably buying it for your AR rifles, and to entertain you for that, it has four magazine pouches that are designed to fit most AR and AK rifles, including AR-15. Not just that, to fit more guns, it has two pistol magazine pouches, drop-down leg holsters that can be detached, and a large utility pouch that allows you to carry plenty of important stuff with you on the field.

What we love about this level 4 bulletproof vest is the MOLLE system design that is designed for an extremely good user experience. For instance, you can customize the position of your magazine pouches all the time and find a customization that suits you the best. You can add multiple configurations at a time and still do not have to be bothered by it getting overweight.

BARSKA Men’s Loaded Gear VX-100 Tactical Vest doesn’t use 1000D American-stand polyester, which is something that puts me off. It must have been a design choice that is still durable; however, not up to the American standard of utilizing 1000 Denier polyester. Though it is still quite sturdy and additionally, it provides the required tensile strength you expect from these vests.

Why should you buy BARSKA Men’s Loaded Gear VX-100 Tactical Vest?

  • This tactical bulletproof vest is made by Barska from 600D highly-durable polyester.
  • It has perfect magazine pouches for the most popular AR and AK rifles.
  • This vest comes with a lot of adjustment features on the shoulders and waist.
  • All adult sizes from small to extra-large are available bringing more accessibility.


  • All sizes available
  • Durable PVC
  • High-tensile strength
  • MOLLE attachment system
  • Quick-release elastic-plastic tab


  • An expensive one
  • The belt can be a bit small

ATG Tactical Expert Vest Review

Our fifth and final best bulletproof best pick is the choice of professionals. Falling somewhere between the reasonable price range and durability that everyone looks forward to, ATG Tactical Expert Vest is what you need for your tactical needs. It is made touch and durable using PVC material in the making has water and chemical resistance, making it an ideal vest that will be your long-lasting companion.

ATG Tactical Expert Vest has pretty nice MOLLE webbing allowing you to do customizations for pouches that suits your needs. To ensure that it fits well for all adults, ATG has enabled the adjustability for shoulder and waist straps. Moreover, it comes with quick connect buckles, loop fasteners, and a hook allowing maximum ease of use and convenience to the customers.

You can make it just the perfect bulletproof best by adding soft body armor into it without compromising much of your comfort. However, for that, you will need to get separate ballistic plates since they don’t come with the product itself. It would easily be 11×14 steel plates which is pretty much the standard around.

ATG Tactical Expert Vest is available in all sizes, including small, medium, large, and extra-large. Some areas of the vest are double-stitched to ensure further stability and durability for the users. However, it should have been made available with body armor plates otherwise, the product is no good to enable the bulletproof security you are looking for.

Why should you buy ATG Tactical Expert Vest?

  • The ideal price range between what Barska and GFIRE are offering.
  • The stitching holds and has been done twice to improve stability.
  • The high-quality PVC material is used in the making for strength and sturdiness.
  • All the law enforcement adjustments available and fits well for all adults.


  • Ideal price range
  • Quick-release buckles
  • Durable and sturdy PVC
  • Water and chemical resistance
  • All sizes from small to X-large


  • No armor plates
  • Difficult to adjust

What is a bullet-resistant vest, and How Does it Work?

Bullet resistant vests commonly referred to as ‘bulletproof vests are the form of body armor specifically designed to provide protection to the wearer from the injury caused by the firearm-fired projectiles and fragments of explosions.

Since these vests can never be totally bulletproof and can only provide maximum protection to the wearer by reducing the impact of the bullet and explosions, the wearer and manufacturers these days prefer referring to this vest as ‘Bullet resistant vest’ instead of bulletproof vests.

Bullet-resistant vests are an amazing invention made to protect the thousands of valuable lives that otherwise would have been lost without any true cause.

So how exactly do these wonderful vests work?

These vests are either made up of layers of tightly woven threads of Kevlar yarns or the nonwoven fibers spurned on strong polyethylene polymer filaments.

These fibers are made by moving the para-aramids or Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight-polyethylene(UHMWPE) which have an extremely high strength to weight ratio.

Hence these extremely strong yet flexible fibers from the web can catch hold of the bullet and disperse the impact throughout the vest resulting in the deformation of the bullet. The energy of the Projectile is absorbed by the successive layer of the vest till the point the bullet is stopped.

For the more adverse situations where the threat is greater and hence this fiber bullet-resistant vests are not very effective for the heavy ammunition, hard armors are used which are made up of plates of ceramic, steel, or titanium. Though quite bulky and thick, these armors are perfect for extreme impacts.

Which Vest Is Right For Me?

Since bulletproof vests provide significant protection to the ones who wear them, it is very important not to ignore their importance. All the people be who are at risk of being shot should definitely consider wearing these vests. These vests are not only made for police officers but are also available for bodyguards, security guards, national leaders, and even civilians who are in constant fear for their lives.

These vests come in different styles as per the usage. Some are bulky and thick to provide greater protection from the threats of heavy firearms whereas many are thin and light-weighted to be worn on a daily basis.

So it is very important for the wearer to decide which Vest is perfect for them. Choosing the wrong style vests can lead to unnecessary discomfort and even risk to lives.

Hence the manufacturers have come up with two distinct types of Bulletproof vests to choose from.

  1. Covert: Covert vests are the ones that are worn underneath the clothing. These vests are preferred by the ones who are in constant fear of being shot in daily life and hence would like to stay cautious for any unexpected disaster. Wearing covert vests on a regular basis means one is always protected from situations like not only shootings but car crashes too. These vests are generally light weighted, cool and flexible so they can be comfortably worn by not only the professional but also by the civilians.
  2. Overt: Overt vests are the ones that are worn on top of regular clothing due to their bulkier and heavier make. These vests provide a high level of protection from heavy gunfire, as well as the large blades stabbing hence these vests, are generally used by the ones who are exposed to situations with a greater threat to the military personnel and agents from the police force.

How to Wear A Body Armor Perfectly

Many of my readers ask me to write about How to wear body armor perfectly. So here I am! Though I know that there are a lot of blogs talked about that. Some may say to wear the vest below your belly, some may say to wear that bellow of your navel. That is so confusing, right? That’s why I thought to discuss that topic so that you don’t get confused.

Let’s start:

How to Wear a Bullet Proof Body Armor Correctly

Well, there are some specific rules you need to care about when you are wearing body armor. First of all, you need to know about the main goal of making the bulletproof vest or stabproof vest. The vests or any kinda body armor are designed in such a way so that they can at least prevent your vital organs from the bullet or any other threat. Now, I guess I don’t have to tell you which part of your body organ is vital or not! So when you are wearing body armor, make sure that you cover all of your vital organs like the heart, lungs, etc. Don’t worry about those blogs that make you confused. Also, make sure that you know the body armor size. If not I recommend you read another article where I talked about the armor size. Follow the steps ahead to put on a bulletproof vest:

  • Adjust the straps
  • Bring vest’s bottom to the navel
  • Put on the side straps now

I suggest you wear the vests just above your navel. Also, make sure that the plates are covering your chest. Maybe this seems uncomfortable, especially to the women. But think a bit, if that was made to give you comfort, you should have worn this all the time as you wear shirts, pants and other dresses. So safety is more important than comfort.

Check this video as well. You will get my 90% point once you see this video. Thanks to the video creator!

So you now have understood what I was pointing to. Again, here are some points you should always keep in mind if you need any kind of body armor:

  • Make sure you bought the best quality bulletproof vest. Don’t hesitate to buy something good even if it’s expensive. Always remember that you should live!
  • Just keep in mind that you need to protect your vital organ. So cover up the chest. Don’t worry if your belly doesn’t get fully covered. If you got shot in your belly, this won’t be any “Immediate deadly” injury.

So depending on the amount of risk one is exposed to, the level of comfort required, and the weather conditions faced, the wearer, can decide which type of vest is right for them. For example, overt vests seem to be the best bulletproof vests for civilians whereas covert ones for the professionals like those in the military and police.


While concluding the review, BARSKA Men’s Loaded Gear VX-100 Tactical Vest is what we recommend for our users because of the high-grade material, strength, and durability.

However, ATG and GFIRE are also pretty great options, especially when you aren’t doing great with the budget. Moreover, ensure that you get these with body armor platers for maximum effect.

With that said, let us conclude our reviews of the best bulletproof vests in 2021. We look forward to queries and feedback from our users so make sure that you leave those in the comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can civilians own level 4 body armor?

Yes, civilians can own level 4 body armor, including plate carriers and bulletproof vests. Everyone has the right to secure his life. This law does not apply to convicted felons.

Will an AK 47 go through a bulletproof vest?

Unless you are talking about military-grade bulletproof vests, there are hardly any bulletproof vests for the public which can stop a full 7.62mm bullet. Normally an NIJ Level IIIA bulletproof vest in combination with Level IV hard armor panels can stop AK-47 rounds including armor piercing.

Are the Bulletproof Vest Stab Proof?

It depends on the quality. All of the bulletproof vests mentioned above are stab-proof.

From Where to Buy Bulletproof Vest?

You can buy it from your nearest tactical store. You can also buy online. There are a lot of sites including Amazon and eBay that sell bulletproof vests. Just click the links we mentioned on each product to directly go to that product page on Amazon.

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