Best Rifle Recoil Pad Reviews

Recoil pads are an essential accessory for your rifles or long-range firearms. These pads act as a protective shield for your shoulders while you are out for shooting or hunting. For your every outdoor campaign involving recoil pads is a must.

At a Glance:

When a shooter aims for his/her target and fires from the gun there is a high rated velocity and energy dispersed. This sudden release of energy affects your shoulder. It can cause pain, bruising, or flinching of the shoulder. To avoid these elements recoil pads are installed in the buttstock of the rifle.

A recoil pad is thus, a soft cushion made out of rubber attached to the thick end of the rifle butt. It helps in overcoming the impact of pressure when you press the trigger of your rifle. These cushioned leather or rubber pads act as a protective barrier between your hard rifle and delicate shoulders.

Top 5 Rifle Recoil Pads (if you are in a hurry):

You can acquire a firm grip with these recoil pads while aiming for your target. Some Recoil pads consist of one or several pads for better fit and comfort.

Nowadays recoil pads are enjoying popularity due to their shock resistance capacity in all conditions. These pads are available in every size depending upon your requirement.

Even after multiple compression and harsh environments recoil pads withstand all of these and restore their original shape and efficiency. A right recoil pad is a key for an accurate and comfortable shooting experience.

Before you go for the best recoil pad for hunting in the market, it is important for you to know essential features and other aspects to obtain the best product valuing your money.

Top 7 Best Rifle Recoil Pad

To save your time and energy we have listed the seven best recoil pads that can be paired with your rifles and deliver optimum shooting experience.

AwardDesignRecoil PadRetailer
Best Overall
Best PickShooterpads Gel Filled Recoil Pads
Check Price
Best Budget Recoil Pad
Budget PickHogue EZG Recoil Pad
Check Price
High Tech Recoil Reducing Polymer
Staff PickAllen Recoil Eraser Recoil Pad
Check Price
“Great Design” Recoil Pad
LimbSaver AirTech Slip-On
Check Price
One of the Top Sellers
Pachmayr Decelerator Slip-On
Check Price
Leather Shotgun Recoil Pad
Tourbon Hunting Vintage
Check Price
Best Recoil Pad  for M700
Remington Cellular Polyurethane
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Shooterpads Gel Filled Recoil Pads

Best Pick
shooterpads gel filled recoil pads

Shorter pads is a company famous for making comfortable gel-filled pads for professional hunters and shooters. Cross-Linked Viscoelastic material is used in the making of these pads. This gel padding is an innovative technology, which does not lose its shape over a course of time. Even if you exert your full pressure this durable gel padding will absorb all. This is an adjustable recoil pad for the rifle.

These pads act as a protective shield for shooters and hunters who are prone to kneeling, lying on the ground, or working on the bench.

These extremely durable pads from the manufacturers of Shooterpads slip easily over any gun or rifle and confirm the utmost comfort while the gun is placed on the shoulders.

The gel-filled recoil pad is an innovative move by the Shooterpads. It offers an easy fit of the pad over a long rifle or pistol without much hassle. A thin Lycra covers the neoprene cuff extending over the stock of your gun. This Lycra covering adds a half-inch to the length of your gun. In addition to Visco Elastic Gel, there are three mini cell foam pads, which are easy to add or remove. These pads serve you the purpose of energy absorption and adjustment of the pull length gun. You can easily fit the pad in the shoulder pocket. A high-tension material is used on the butt end, which comfortably sits on your shoulder and does not move when you fire from the gun.


Shooterpads made these recoil pads from highly energy-absorbing material, which is extremely easy to remove. They offer an addition of three mini pads with an adjustable pull length. You can install pads on the butts of any pistol or long rifle in seconds without any use of tools or weapons to remove or further modification of the gun. It is considered to be a perfect model with a tagline of one size fits all.

Why should you buy Shooterpads Gel Filled Recoil Pads?

  • Adds length to the gun
  • Fits tightly to the butt stoc
  • One size fits all makes and models
  • Easy to install to any kind of rifle or shotgun
  • Has visco elastic gel in the pad which is excellent energy absorbing material


  • Installation is a matter of seconds
  • Greatly reduces recoil
  • Adds length to the gun
  • Fits tightly to the buttstock


  • Not recommended for heavy use
  • Does not fit on like the picture shows

Hogue EZG Recoil Pad

Budget Pick
hogue 00721 ezg recoil pad

For grind to perfect fit pads, EZG is made in three sizes, i.e. small, medium and large. They offer an equal well-bonded base plate and an ultra-soft elastomer pad for easy grinding and clean finishing.

EZG is perfectly designed for field usage, which comes with an option to combine control and fast mounting. This recoiling pad is manufactured with an innovative and rigid polymer alloy base plate. The internal cushions are well designed by computer mingled with soft elastomer for exclusive control and grip.

EZG is way better than any other pads in many ways.

The sleek design of the pads is exclusively made with a combo of fast mounting and great control. Its soft elastomer material can soak up the recoil easily and gives clear finishes. It’s easy to do it yourself installation eliminates the need of customizing the grip.

Without any metal reinforcement, it is super strong to withstand even grinding. It blends easily with wood or a synthetic stock. There is no need of inserting steel to run it. You also have this recoil available in two colors black and brown. These two colors go well with every standard-colored gun and rifle. These colors please when properly waxed and finished.


With its ultra-soft cushioning it saves your shoulder by reducing the fatigue of the gun. The Polymer plating at the base resists cracks or bends. An ideal recoiling pad that perfectly fits on the rifles or pistols. EZG offers you two color choices that are hard enough to resist deep scratching. Its Stable base plating offers an easy slipping of the pad.


  • Provides a great fit
  • Two-color choices
  • A thick plastic base plate offers stability
  • Best of all “grind to fit” pads


  • Hard on shoulders

Allen Recoil Eraser Recoil Pad

Staff Pick

The recoil eraser by the manufacturers of Allen is specially designed for hunting rifles and tactical rifles. You can pair it up with stock pistols as well. This pocket-friendly accessory is the most viable accessory ever manufactured. These recoil pads ensure optimum performance by dampening the recoil to reduce your arm’s fatigue while firing from the gun. It has a reduced recoil of 70% by using high-tech polymer. A perfect fit for most of the rifles and pistols with easy installation.


Allen offers two sizes for Recoil erasers with a heavily textured surface. It is quite easy to install on your gun. Allen also gives a long-day range that makes the hunting experience more adventurous. With its affordable pricing and reduces the need for the shooting vest.


  • Installs in seconds
  • Designed for guns with straight stocks
  • Fairly inexpensive
  • Reduces felt recoil


  • Less durable
  • Does not fully cover the stocks

LimbSaver AirTech Slip-On

limbsaver airtech slip-on

LimbSaver produces highly effective and noise-free products. Airtech recoil pad is specially manufactured for archery and firearm accessory. It includes recoil pads, bow stabilizers, and much more. Hand-tailored in the USA and well-engineered for wide outdoor enthusiasts, law enforcement, military, and much more.

With a 70% of reducing in recoil felt and incorporated advanced atmospheric chamber, its substantial performance is increased with uniform energy dissipation. These recoil pads further help in follow-up shots and provide maximum stability. Airtech can be easily slipped over to increase the length by 1 inch. Its NAVCOM (noise and vibration control material) is efficient enough to soak and absorb a wide range of dissipating energy and vibration.

It is built for durable outdoor use, which is perfect for a harsh environment providing a non-slip surface even in the rain.


Airtech recoil pad is specially designed for maximum compatibility that fits many firearm models. Its installation is super easy with only a screwdriver. You can even customize these pads according to your stock. It not only reduces 70% of recoil felt but the incorporation of Anti-muzzle technology helps in fast targeting.


  • Non-slip surface
  • Dampens the vibration or any noise produced while shooting
  • No installation. It slips over the stock easily
  • Offers optimum stability
  • Durable and perfect for harsh environments also
  • Stays in place


  • Moves around on the butt
  • Does not fit SKS stock as advertised

Pachmayr Decelerator Slip-On

Pachmayr offers the ultimate recoil control and great looks in their Decelerator recoil pads. These pads are easy to install on your long guns. These recoil pads enhance the appearance of your gun and improve your shooting experience. August Pachmayr designed these recoil pads for magnum recoil reduction. This is a rubber recoil pad.

A stylish rubber recoiling, which is available in three sizes and two basic colors acts as an embellishment for your rifles. For easy removal and addition, they have attenuated an internal air chamber that offers exclusive speed mounting. Made from an exclusive and unique soft compound that does not allow cutting and tearing off the corners.

These soft cushiony side pads are a big asset for a recoil pad as they securely hold the rifle in place. Smear a small dab of Vaseline or a screwdriver for quick and easy installation of the pad. The Pachmayr’s has manufactured an ultra-lightweight technology and best ever slip-on pads until now.


Pachmayr offers three sizes of Decelerator recoil pads that are easy to install. Its non-slip design and Snag-free look give a classic appearance to the gun. Pachmayr has installed a special speed mount that offers a unique recoil control.


  • Easy to install
  • Snag-free
  • Non-slip surface
  • Does all the work to reduce recoil


  • Color tan is misleading
  • Does not stay in position
  • Comes off easily

Tourbon Hunting Vintage

tourbon genuine leather gun buttstock extension

Leather Shotgun Recoil Pad

Tourbon has proven itself the best safari partner with its affordable products and great hunting experience. A highly skilled staff is incorporated to build these ultimate products with a rigorous quality.
A highly recommended stylish product that fits easily on the hardest-hitting rifles.


Vintage recoil pads are manufactured with genuine leather that prevents giving any fatigue to your shoulder while shooting. For proper closure, Tourbon has installed Velcro on these pads. Its classic design is thickly built with silicone padding.


  • Easy to slip on and remove
  • Made with thick Neoprene
  • Offers two extra removable padding
  • Provides great angles for shooting


  • Does not fit properly as advertised

Remington Cellular Polyurethane

A complex structure of SuperCells with a highly advanced polymer construction is used in the manufacturing of Remington Recoil Pad. This high-tech structure releases energy for a longer period. This is the perfect reward for your long guns.

A rearward force is applied from a kick to a gentle push, which results in a soft shooting experience. You can expect everything from this pad that is extremely durable and lightweight. Its smooth surfacing and great appearance make it a recommended product for your pistol.

A well-designed recoil pad for 12 gauge that perfectly fits the models that have R3 or SuperCells installed in them.


  • Fits a wooden stocked shotgun with an ease
  • Energy efficient
  • Perfect for the long run


  • Rubber needs to be harder
  • Not wide enough
  • These pads get sticky if not cleaned properly

Things to consider before buying

There are several ways to determine the best recoil pad for hassle-free shooting. Listed below are the important features or elements to keep in mind before purchasing a recoil pad.

  1. Type of rifle: This is the important element to decide before buying a recoil pad. You need to decide the brand and size of the rifle to meet your shooting experience.
  2. The magnitude of lengthAnother criterion determining the exact magnitude of the full length in the rifle. In simpler words, it is the distance between the trigger and the butt end of a rifle. When you are ensured of the exact magnitude of the rifle you can be ensured of a solid grip.
  3. The thickness of magnitudeThis point should never be ignored. High level of thickness provides the maximum support to overcome the recoil impact while shooting.

We will soon write guides on how to install a recoil pad on rifles and why we use a recoil pad. Stay with us.


Markets are full of recoil pads and choosing the best one from the heap is really a difficult task. This buying guide cum review for the top seven recoil pads will help you in making the right choice.
Happy shopping!

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