best Scope for 30-30 Rifles

Best Scope For 30-30 Lever Action Rifles

Getting the bull’s eye from a far distance with the classic American .30-30 rifle is not a matter of joke. Either you need to be a highly professional marksman or need a top-notch scope to hit the target at the right point. So getting the best scope for 30-30 is what you should be thinking about if you really want to get that desired accuracy. Having the best scope for 30-30 rifles not only weighs in the chance of getting the shot at one bullet but also minimizes the wastage. Here we are going to cover a lot of option of scopes for our .30-30 American rifle.

The Rundown:

Top 7 Best Scopes for 30-30 Rifles

1. Nikon ProStaff 3-9 X 40 Black Matte Scope – Best Overall

Without a shadow of a doubt, Nikon ProStaff 3-9 X 40 is one of the top Nikon 30-30 scopes that will assist you to sail your bullet at the right spot. It comes with a 40mm compact object lens that facilitates you to magnify from minimal 3X to 9X range, thus allowing you to target close to medium targets.

The most attractive factor of this scope is its unique BDC Reticle that gives you the freedom to shoot long-range targets without requiring you to adjust the elevation by hand. The see-through ballistic circle gives you an edge while shooting short or long-range targets without missing any shot.

This 30-30 BDC scope also sports the Ballistic Match technology so that you can spot the ideal aiming points on the reticle. To improve your accuracy, it gets a fully multicoated optical system that notches up the light transmission so that you can have a bright and high contrast view of the target.

What’s more? It gets a precise 1/4inch click adjustment knob that not only allows to quickly aim the target and also maintain the accuracy even after heavy recoil. Nikon has even supplied a 3.6inch eye relief on the scope so that you don’t have to face any accidental bruise.

When it comes to building quality, it will leave you speechless, and it is due to the aluminum lightweight construction. Moreover, it is nitrogen filled and o-ring sealed, so the whole body is shockproof, waterproof, and fog-proof. It is designed in such a way that it will work flawlessly in the rain, submerged water, and after you accidentally drop it.

It gets the Nikon’s no-fault repair and replacement facility where the manufacturer will repair or replace the product without charging you. It is only one pound in weight, so it won’t weigh on your hand after you install it on the .30-30.

2. Vortex Optics Crossfire II – One of the top sellers

Vortex Optics Crossfire II is a highly rated midrange scope for 30-30 that has amazed everyone with its exceptional accuracy and proper aiming capability. It is a handy scope that gets a 32mm objective lens with a magnification range between 2X and 7X that allows the .30-30 rifle to show its full potential at close range.

The scopes come equipped with a dead-hold BDC reticle that allows you to explore longer ranges where estimating holdover fails to cover. Failing to hit the target with this scope will be a hard task as it gets a customized dot design that assists you to guesstimate holdover and shoot at variable wind speed.

A consistent, accurate shot will become your new forte, and all the credit goes to its second focal plane type that keeps the reticle intact at any magnification level. Another lucrative feature of this top scope for 30-30 under $200 is its long eye relief and ultra forgiving eye box. This fast focus feature facilitates you to get a quick and clear view of your target, thus helping you to hit your target within a split second.

With MOA clicks and fingers adjustable capped reset turrets, it allows you to improve your marksmanship by a large margin. However, it provides a maximum elevation modification up to 60 MOA, which is more than enough for casual hunting.

Always get a bright and sharp sighting without facing any reflection of light because the lens comes coated with an anti-reflective layer. The single-piece tube build from aircraft-grade aluminum material simply takes the build quality to a whole new level as it has made it robust and shockproof.

The tube is also treated O-ring sealing, anodizing, and nitrogen purging; thus, it is rustproof, fog-proof, and weatherproof. Despite its rigid build construction, it is only 13.6 ounce in weight, so the chance of missing shot is quite minimal.

3. UTG 3-12X44 30mm – Compact Scope for 30-30 Rifle

UTG EZ-TAP is not your average lens with a 30mm tube; rather, it is rated as one of the best scopes for 30-30 under $100. Whether you want to target close or far targets, you can practically acquire most of your target with the help of its 3X to 12X magnification. These wide ranges of magnification facilities perfectly blend with .30-30 rifles that are designed for wild hunting.

UTG has supplied the best-in-class premium lockable and resettable turrets that treat you with accurate elevation and windage adjustment. It also comes with a side wheel adjustable turret that provides an uninterrupted and magnificent parallax view from 10yards to infinity.

UTG EZ-TAP is a one of a kind scope that features special circuit and housing design so that under heavy recoil and motion of lever-action, you will get constant illumination. Moreover, its special design reticle allows you to shuffle between green and red so that you can suit your eye-sight depending upon the environment.

Built with a premium emerald coated lens and integrated front sunshade with flip-open lens cap, it allows you to get a clear sight even at broad daylight without any cover. You will have 35 different types of luminosity settings at your disposal, so whether it is night or bright day, you are entitled to get accurate shots.

The illumination settings are operated through two ergonomic buttons so you can quickly shuffle the setting with your finger. Resetting to zero magnificent settings is exceptionally straightforward.

Moreover, you can easily modify the MOA by 1/4inch, and for that, you will have to use the turret. The build quality is really exceptional, and it is suitable for any kind of weather condition. It also comes with a lifetime warranty service so you won’t have to think about repair costs until it lasts.

4. Burris Fullfield II – Highly Durable 30-30 Riflescope

When buyers look for best scopes for 30-30 under 300 dollars, one model that has impressed most of them is Burris full-field II plex. It is not a widely popular scope, but the crisp and clear sighting it offers won’t make regret your decision to combine it with your .30-30 rifle.

It offers an extended range 42mm lens that would definitely enhance your shooting skills with the classic American rifle. Moreover, it allows you to magnify your sight from just 4.5X to high 14X magnification, thus allowing you to shoot down long-range targets without dropping any bullet.

Many marksmen also prefer this scope for Winchester 30-30 lever action because it features a Ballistic Plex reticle that lets your target easily with its elegant and straightforward trajectory reticle. The best thing about this scope is that you can comfortably match it with any caliber or bullet weight. It even gets a parallax adjustment option so that you can get high accuracy for targeting far away objects.

Loaded with a 1inch tuber hunter turret, it makes sighting the target incredibly easier for you. Most importantly, it maintains the optimum luminosity in any light condition so that you can always use anytime you want.

Burris full-field II plex is destined to last for many years, and the credit goes to one-piece tube construction with reinforced quad-seal gas seals. The robust build quality not only allows it to continue for a more extended period but also makes it shockproof, waterproof, and fog-proof. It carries a typical yet simple design that makes it entirely easy to use.

Burris has coupled it with a lifetime warranty that makes it more agreeable to every buyer. Lastly, it is only 1.12 pounds, so use the scope while hunting won’t give you any hard time.

5. Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn Multi-X – Reticle 30-30 Riflescope

If you are looking for a high-quality scope that would assist you in making the best out of every shot, then Bushnell Banner dusk and dawn could be a plausible option. It may serve as a cheap scope for 30-30 rifle, but once you start using its 40mm objective lens, it would totally leave you in awe.

With 3X to 9X magnification range, it assists you to cover target from close to medium ranges. You can have a bright and clear view through the scope even after a heavy recoil because it bags a unique design.

The high-quality HD optics it gets enhances the clarity by a large margin, thus ensuring a clear view every time you sight your target while hunting. It sports a dusk and dawn brightness multicoated lens that depicts that you will always get an illuminated view despite the outdoor light conditions.

Moreover, it has a low light compatible lens that helps it to maintain the bright sight even when you are under the shade of a tree. With its fast focus eyepiece, you can quickly acquire your target, which is not possible with other scopes in this price range.

What’s make it unique? The multi X reticle gives you pinpoint accuracy for shooting your target, and it remains the same after every recoil. It also comes with 1/4inch MOA fingertip windage and elevation adjustment that push up the performance of the scope. It also gets a wide 3.3inches of eye relief so it won’t strain your eye while shooting.

Built with high-quality material, it is entirely shockproof, waterproof, and fog-proof so you can use it in weather conditions. It is also filled with dry nitrogen that is also known for strengthening the construction of scopes. Unlike others, it only weighs 13ounces so you can quickly move around the jungle without feeling an excess weight on your shoulder.

6. Leupold VX-Freedom 450 Bushmaster – Best Midrange Scope for 30-30

Leupold VX-Freedom is an underrated scope that holds the capability to outclass many top-end scopes in performance and durability. The 40mm objective lens serves as the central part of this scope that is entirely designed and assembled in the USA.

It is quite a versatile scope that is suitable for both short and medium-range, and the credit goes to its 3X to 9X magnifying range. The extent offers the specialized duplex reticle that easily meets the need of any hunter and shooter. With an eye relief of 3.66inches, it assists you to scout and aims your target without feeling any uneasiness.

Leupold VX-Freedom is designed to offer you an unparalleled low performance so that you can maintain full accuracy even at dusk. It features an innovative Twilight light management system that notches up the shooting by 10minutes, thus ensuring a clear view of the target.

In addition to .30-30, you can even combine with your secondary .450 bushmaster rifle as it includes ballistically matched bullet drop compensation elevation dial. The dependability and preciseness would last for years, and it’s precision 1/4 MOA finger click adjustment to make sure of that fact.

It is often considered as the best scope magnification for 30-30, and it is due to its scratch-resistant lens surface that can tolerate harsh military abrasion. It is based on 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum that wouldn’t crack even after the most substantial recoil. Moreover, the construction is 100% shockproof, waterproof, and fog-proof.

Despite the robust build quality, it sports a light bodyweight that hardly puts on any weight on the rifle. It only comes with a matte finish color, so it easily camouflages itself when you are out in the woods.

7. Vortex Optics Copperhead –4-12×44 Second Focal Plane Riflescope

The last scope in this list is Vortex Optics Copperhead that is widely known among marksmen and hunters as it holds the ability to offer definite sighting and pinpoint accuracy. It is often known as one of the best budget scopes for 30-30 because it offers best-in-class accuracy at an affordable rate.

It gets the traditional 44mm objective lens that serves as the best choice for marksmen when they look for scopes for hunting. Acquiring long-distance targets won’t be a problem because you will get the assistance of a wide magnification range that lies between 4X and 12X.

It features the specialized dead-hold BDC that allows the hunters to cover target at different ranges where you can’t utilize estimating holdover. The scopes also have a second focal plane reticle that keeps the size of reticle intact even when you modify the magnification, thus ensuring the same appearance.

This scope is all about offering you the finest accuracy, and that is why it provides 1/4 MOA click adjustment, 60MOA elevation, and windage adjustment, and 100yard parallax settings. Many people consider as one of the best scopes for Henry 30-30 because it offers a long eye relief and locking diopter that makes targeting easier.

Once you purchase Vortex Optics Copperhead, you won’t use others, and the credit goes to the fully multicoated lens with multiple anti-reflective coatings on all the top-layers. With one-piece anodized aircraft quality aluminum construction, it can last for decades without facing any bend.

Moreover, the single-piece tube is o-ring sealed and nitrogen purged, which makes it resistant to fog, water, and shock while you are outdoors. It also gets low capped turrets that make less prone to any accidental damage. Putting the turrets to zero after sighting your target won’t require additional tools because it gets a dedicated reset turret.

Well, we have learned about all the high-performance scopes for .30-30 rifles, but do you know how you can mount these scopes. If you don’t, then don’t worry because we have devised the process for you.

How to mount a scope on rem .30-30?

Mounting a scope on the classic .30-30 rifle may seem difficult in the first place, but once you follow our detailed steps, it will make things easier for you. However, before commencing on the mounting process, you should inspect whether the scope is side mount and top mount. Let’s start with the process:

Step 1 – First, you should lay down the .30-30 rifle on a benchtop or a flat place and then secure it appropriately so that it doesn’t move. You should avoid placing it on smooth tabletops because the rifle might move around while you are mounting the scope.
Step 2– Now put down the front sight against the riffle barrel so that it is entirely out of the way of the mounting area. You should drop it down in such a way that you won’t think about removing it.

Step 3 – It is time to attach the offset hammer spur on the scope. However, if you place the scope first, then you won’t be able to cock the hammer back because it will come under the scope overhand. So putting the offset spur will facilitate you to cock the hammer back without facing obstruction.

Step 4 – In this step, we will install the base mount, but before that, we will have to take out the screws located on the top. Then screw in the base mount with the help of previous screw holes. Use Allen wrench and given mounting screw to install the base mount of the rifle. Secure it tightly, so it doesn’t fall off after someday of usage.

Step 5 – Lastly, install the scope rings along with the scope so that you can get pinpoint accuracy. After mounting everything, you should check adequately whether the range is in the proper place, and it maintains a gap with the hammer and the front sight.
So we hope these simple steps will significantly benefit you.


All the scopes we have mentioned in this list serve as ideal companion your classic American .30-30 rifle. There may be a disparity in terms of pricing, design, and features, but one thing is common in all of them that is top-notch performance and effortless target sighting. Although they are not devoid of any flaws but the overall performance they deliver outclass all the cons.

Whichever model you will choose will satisfy you in not only terms of performance but also reliability and durability. Although we consider Nikon ProStaff 3-9 X 40 Black Matte Scope best in this lot but it doesn’t mean all the other scopes are inferior to it. However, if you are not ready to shell out a chunk of money, then Bushnell Banner dusk and dawn should be your option. It will satisfy both in performance and price tag, but that too without compromising on anything. So quickly choose one of these scopes and get yourself ready for hunting.

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