Best Gun Vise 2021 Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Gun Vise 2021 Reviews and Buying Guide

For the most accurate and reliable firearm, consistent maintenance is needed. Timely cleaning of all the parts is required. It is advisable that one should clean their gun after every shooting session. This regular cleaning helps to keep the parts free from debris and another residual that might cause harm to your weapon if left unattended.

A clean gun will offer great mechanisms and the parts will work to their maximum potential. Moreover, if the gun is functioning properly then the flawless working of the gun will provide you with accuracy. Regular cleaning ensures an accurate and reliable working of the firearm.

Top 7 Best Gun Vise Reviews by Our Experts

There are a plethora of tools available in the market that offers proper cleaning of your firearm. However, there is no such tool that available and can compete the gun vise.

A gun vise, with its special cleansing force, helps the shooters to maintain their firearms at home. Many unwanted materials tend to build up, which can cause a devastating threat to a gun malfunctioning. Thus, the best gun vise makes it easier to clean the unreachable areas of the firearm. It offers a convenient cleansing of the essentials altogether.

A perfect gun vise can help in scope mounting or for cleaning AR-15 rifles. Now, you can relax with the top 7 gun vise reviewed below and choose the best one suiting your preferences.

Tipton Best Gun Vise

Tipton Best Gun Vise review
So, why it's best and our recommended?
Well, here is a few things you can look at:

  • Constructed to hold pistols, break open Gun vises, bolt action rifles, modern sporting rifles and pump action Gun vises
  • There is a separate tray added to the bottom of this gun vise to organize every component
  • Made with tough and high-quality material
  • You can easily clean the vise
  • Rear clamp support can be turned to 180 degrees to hold the gun in its position
  • Back clamps make sure that the pistol in its position while working
  • Non-marring contact surfaces

Here is our detailed review of the top 7 gun vises

1. Tipton Best Gun Vise Reviews

One of the versatile gun vise that can accommodate your every firearm you possess. It is constructed to hold pistols, break open gun vises, bolt action rifles, and modern sporting rifles. It's every component and part is easily adjustable that can accommodate every type of firearm.

Be it bore sighting, cleaning, or simply maintaining the gun. There is a separate tray added to the bottom of this gun vise that organizes every component and makes sure that even the smallest of the part is kept in its place. It is incorporated with an aluminum channel that allows easy shifting of every individual component.

All you need is to keep those individual components at their ideal position for easy sliding. To adjust the grip and stability of Tipton gun vise there are two offset clamps, which can be easily adjusted for a stable rifle buttstock.

For the firm security of the firearm, these clamps can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally. This gun vise is made of tough and high-quality material to withstand scratches and kind of damages. Furthermore, you can easily clean this gun vise with a solvent to avoid any damages.

In a few hundred dollars, you get the best of the gun vise to fit your every firearm. Its 32 inches long and 8 inches width can easily fit onto any multitude of desk or bench.

Things We Like
  • A great partner for handguns.
  • Rear clamp support can be turned to 180 degrees to hold the gun in its position
  • Back clamps make sure that the pistol in its position while working
  • There are complete and detailed instructions for assembling and using of this gun vise
Things We Didn't Like
  • Made from a plastic material. Thus, not a sturdy gun vise

2. Tipton Ultra Gun Vise - Best Overall

This wonderful and paradigmatic vise is specially designed for ultimate cleaning. Two trays are constructed to organize each component neatly.

On the top are the incorporated staggered yokes to keep the rifle in its place. It will cost you more than $100 to buy it. But it makes it a worthy point to purchase it. Thus, you do not need to break any bank to keep your things in place. This gun vise is suitable for ar 15 rifles.

The plastic built of this gun vise makes it durable and extremely lightweight. Thus, it is an ideal accessory to have it in your garage.

Things We Like
  • Lightweight gun vise
  • Different trays to organize things neatly
  • Pocket friendly
Things We Didn't Like
  • Plastic material makes it sturdy to use

3. CTK P3 Ultimate Gun Vise Reviews

P3 gun vise a must to have an accessory in your garage. Every shooter should maintain their weapons with the help of this gun vise. Not only it helps in maintaining your guns but also it helps in cleaning and bore sighting as well. Its design is such that it can accommodate any type of handgun and rifle. P3 Ultimate facilitates in great results for all your firearm possessions.

CTK offers an adjustable vise for secure locking of the firearm in the place. You can shoot with a shooting rest attachment incorporated in it. Now with all your handguns and rifles locked at one place you can easily shoot without giving unnecessary stress to your shoulders.

The stability of your firearm is ensured with its three-point leveling system. Use the thumb lock to keep your firearm in one place. It can also accommodate your weapons horizontally without any problem.

It front Y rest helps in adjusting any type of weapon vertically. For increased durability, the front and the rear part of this gun vise is covered with PVC foam. In addition, it is built with tough steel and other durable material to get your job done. Perfectly made for cleaning, bore sighting, and scope mounting for your weapon. Undoubtedly, it is one of the cool gun vises in terms of money and features.

Things We Like
  • Well constructed with tough steel
  • Long levers allow an easy usage in uneven terrains
  • Front support covered with thick rubber to avoid scratches
  • Great customer service
Things We Didn't Like
  • Assembling difficulty due to poor instructions

4. Tipton Gun Vise - Cheap Gun Vise, Yet One of the Best

Without any doubt, Tipton 782731 is amongst the top gun vise that offers superior cleaning with its unique features. An adjustable and versatile gun vise used for maintaining, cleaning, and even bore sighting. It offers a wide range of adjustments that can occupy any type of firearm from pistols to rifles.

Its every clamp is padded to give a secure hold to the gun without causing any damage or scratches. These clamps also facilitate secure and firm tightness. This is a rotating vise allowing easy cleaning and maintaining of the guns. This rotating feature does not compromise on your comfort and allows you to reach you at the right spot easily.

Although this gun vise totally made of plastic, it is able enough to do the toughest of the job by providing a superior grip and stability to the gun.

Things We Like
  • Rotate the gun at your ease
  • Versatile enough to accommodate any type of firearm
  • Long rotating axis makes it an efficient and reliable gun vise
Things We Didn't Like
  • Plastic material does not provide durability

5. Hyskore Cleaning & Sighting Vise - Perfect for shooting

Hyskore is another revolutionary gun vise that is durable and versatile. A recommended accessory for sighting and an incredible secure lock. This is the ultimate gun vise for cleaning guns.

The front V rest offers superior stability and keep the gun in ideal position. You can easily adjust the height on an uneven level to fir every firearm.

It is a highly durable product that is coated with powder for an extra protection. There is also a plastic tray to keep everything organized. Its lower price range makes it a strongly recommended product.

Things We Like
  • A versatile gun vise to fit every firearm you posses
  • Secure lock to keep the gun in position
  • Powdered layer for protection
  • Made from high and tough steel
Things We Didn't Like
  • Brace does not hold the gun in position

6. Caldwell 336677 Lead Sled Dft 2 Reviews

Caldwell 336677 Lead Sled Dft 2 is one of the best-rated gun vises in the list. Its dual frame designing disperses the recoil energy and the dual-frame alignment allows an easy adjustment for both rifles and pistols of virtually any size.

Now, with the help of your fingertips, you can make elevation adjustments for the precise working of the tool. You can make adjustments up to 18 inches. The stability is ensured with the 100 pounds of lead occupied in the baffle tray

Things We Like
  • Comes with a larger frame to fit rifles with a maximum of 30 magazines without any problem
  • You need to make only a few precise adjustments to front cradle and rear
Things We Didn't Like
  • It blocks too much of recoil, which further damages the stock

7. CTK® P3 Ultimate Shooting Rest - Gun Vise views

This ultimate shooting rest is constructed with a heavy material for increased stability and accurate shots. The wide front V rest incorporates an array of firearms for any length adjustment the rear is protected with a pad to resist scratches.

A high-quality marine carpet covers the solvent safe foam. A perfect gun vise for varmint hunting, long range target shooting, and another kind of shooting experience.

Things We Like
  • Easily adjusted according to the need
  • Highly versatile accessory to accommodate various firearms
  • Protected with high-quality marine carpet
Things We Didn't Like
  • Made with cheap material resulting in a quick corrosion

Things to consider before buying a perfect Gun Vise

Before moving ahead and picking a gun vise there are few things to consider and think about. The following guide will explain the features that the coolest gun vise should have in them.


Different materials are used in constructing gun vise. Thus, the material is the first thing to look in a gun vise. A gun vise is manufactured with help of plastic or metal. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Metal is more expensive than plastic, so it is obvious that a metal made gun vise will cost higher than a plastic made. A metal-based gun vise offers durability and tougher resistance than plastic. It is recommended for sight guns as metal spreads the vibrations caused by recoil. The only disadvantage of choosing a metal gun vise is that you need to shed plenty of dollars.

Therefore, if you are not using a gunsmith then spending a lot of gun cleaner is not a wise choice.
Plastic, on the other hand, is cheap and provides the equal efficiency and versatility offered by metal. A major advantage of owning a plastic gun vise is that it is flexible and can be used for handguns, rifles and other guns as well.

As plastic is lightweight, then it is natural for a plastic gun vise to be lightweight. If this causes a problem then you can overcome it by using some sand or lead to increase its stability. The only drawback is that an excessive force can lead to breakage of the gun vise.


If you own more than one type of a gun then this feature is very important to keep in mind. Look for a gun vise that can handle more than one type of weapon. Generally, most of the gun vise can incorporate both rifles and pistols. They come with an adjustable part that can easily fit the buttstock of handguns or rifles.

A versatile gun vise will offer accommodation of any type of weapon, which means that you do not need to buy different gun vise for a different weapon.


There are two types of the gun vise:

  1. Fixed
  2. Rotating.

A fixed gun vise will keep your gun stable on a workbench and no amount of pressure can displace the gun. This can be fixed using rubber stamps on legs or some are even screwed into a workbench. This allows the gun to clamp for a longer duration and cleaning work goes on smoothly.

Many manufacturers, on the other hand, do not construct rotating vise but it has its own advantages to offer. It allows cleaning the gun at any angle, which is not easy in a fixed vise. You can precisely make adjustments and the maintenance process that usually takes a long time will be now done in a few moments.

The main disadvantages of rotating vise are that it does not guarantee durability. In addition, one should not apply excessive pressure, as permanent damage will be caused to the gun.

We will soon write a guide on how to make a gun vise. So stay with us.


Choosing the best gun vise is highly complicated and hopefully, this guide with an add-on review list might have helped you to make the right choice. Not all gun vise is made are the same. Some are designed especially to incorporate specifically designed firearms. My last suggestion to you is that please always consider the quality not the price when you are going to buy a gun vise, in fact, anything.

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