Best Scope for 308 rifles

Best Scope For 308 Rifles for Hunting, Tactical and Long Range Shooting

The .308 caliber without a doubt is one of the favorite rifles in America, especially among hunters, as it caters to different types of tasks. As it is widely used for hunting and other tactical tasks, so coupling it with a proper scope becomes really necessary because it expands the range of your coverage.

But given the massive availability of scopes in the market, you will be spoilt with choices. Finding out the appropriate scope is quite tough, even if you are a seasoned hunter. So what you can do? You can follow our detailed review and guide that will assist you in finding the best scope for the 308 rifles.

Top Scopes for .308 Rifles (Top 5):

Let’s discuss some specific facts that will not only assist you in finding the most excellent scope for .308 ar but will also guide you to make the right decision. You may skip this section and go to the review part by clicking here.

What Makes A Great .308 Scope?

Any dedicated scope can blend with a .308, but not all can offer a significant performance when it comes to accuracy and definite sighting. A .308 is widely preferred for hunting because it provides an excellent range up to 1000yards. A great .308 scope would be that accessory that will offer you a good sighting of the target even if it is at 800 yards range. It should maintain a proper illumination despite the outdoor light condition. Having a multicoated lens enhances the sighting facility that ultimately increases the chance of acquiring the target.

A good eye relief between 3inch and 4inch would make a .308scope an efficient one because it will save you from any recoil. Even though .308 doesn’t have much recoil but having a scope with good eye relief would make things easier to target. A great .308 scope need to have a proper reticle, specially BDC, as it assists you accurately shoot the target by predicting the arc of your bullet. Most importantly, a fast-focus eyepiece also notches up the performance of .308 scope because it gives you proper sighting without aligning your eye.

You would obviously want a .308 scope that would assist you in acquiring long-range targets, so the scope should have a good magnification range. A range up to 9X or 12X would be an appropriate magnification for a good .308scope. The optic should be as lightweight as possible because you will be running around the woods for hunting, and you would want something that is easy to hold while shooting. Lastly, a target turret and reset turret also serves an essential feature because it enhances the targeting skill by a large margin. Many other things help a .308 scope to become a great one, but the abovementioned serves as the primary factor.

What Magnification Do You Need?

The type of magnification you need entirely depends upon the kind of task you want to achieve. A .308 rifle offers an extended range for shooting, but it doesn’t depict that you can cover a 500-yard target. You need to opt for magnification, depending on your requirements. Here we defined the magnification range you need depending upon the task.

Short Range

If you are into casual hunting and won’t go above the 150yard range, then you need to have a close-range scope. A lower magnification range between 1x and 6X would be ideal for you. However, if you try to cover a short-range target with a high magnification scope, then you will get a blurry view. However, you can also go for a lower range between 1X and 3X if you are not aiming for medium range.

Medium Range

Medium range magnification serves as the sweet spot for .308 rifle because it is designed to cover medium to long-range targets. So if you want to cover around 350yards target in the forest, then you should go for a magnification range between 6X and 9X. However, if you’re going to cover both short and medium, then you will easily find scope ranging from 3X to 9X magnification. Medium range scope is the favorite of many hunters because it offers instant kill without causing painful injury.

Long Range

When you want to cover targets above 350-400yards, then you need a long-range to help you to achieve that. Magnification power above 10X serves as a good start, and it would be better if you can go for higher magnification. When you hunt for the animal at considerable distances, they usually look for smaller, so you high magnification to acquire the proper sight.

So choose the magnification wisely depending on your requirement because if you don’t, you will end up getting blurry vision or poor accuracy.

Factors to Consider when Buying a Scope for 308 Rifles

You can’t randomly choose a scope for your .308 rifle, and you need to take a lot of factors into account to get the appropriate one. So we have listed some critical factors that would guide you to your ideal scope. You may check the video too.

Build Quality

You should never overlook the build quality because it should be able to withstand recoil and tear during hunting or other purposes. Aircraft-grade aluminum build serves as the best choice for the scope as it can withstand a lot of force. However, you can also opt for premium aluminum construction because they also serve as the right choice. You should also check whether it is shockproof, fog-proof, waterproof, o-ring sealing and nitrogen filling so it can withstand any outdoor condition.


You should choose the size of the scope depending upon your requirement as it will determine the magnification range of your scope. So if you are looking for short-range targets, then look for scope around 20mm-30mm lens. However, if your priority is long yards, then go for lens around 40mm because it will be easy for you.

Optical Power

This is probably the most important factor while choosing the scope for .308, and variable power serves as the ideal choice. Having variable power allows you to change the magnification depending upon your target and area. It gives you the chance to jump from 3X to 12X when you want to switch close range to a long-range target. However, you can choose fixed power if you won’t cover more than 150 yards and mostly use it for short-range.

Eye Relief

eye relief gap between rifle and eyes

It is crucial to have a good eye relief because it decides the distance between the scope and your eye so that you can get a definite sighting. You need to have a minimum 3.5inch eye relief to save your eye from any recoil damage even though .308 have low recoil.

Zeroing Capacity

The scope you want to combine with .308 rifle should have the capacity to maintain zero after every recoil. It is not possible to zero the scope while hunting, so the scope should able to maintain it.


When it comes to the reticle, you will get three choices, and they are BDC, Duplex, and Mildot. BDC serves as the finest because it helps you to accurately acquire target as it offers excellent illumination and high accuracy. However, you can also go for Duplex and Mildot, depending upon your shooting assistance.

MOA or MRAD Facility

While considering the factors mentioned earlier, you should consider between  MOA and MRAD facilities. The scope requires adjustment, and it is adjusted based on MilRadian or Minute of Angle. You should choose one of them based on the adjustment easiness.

Focal Plane

 Lastly, you will have to choose between the first focal plane and the second focal plane as they will assist you to shoot the target quickly. SFP is currently a common choice; it maintains reticle size while your magnifying from one power to others.

This is a good guide. You may check it out. Well, let’s see the review Now:

Top 9 Best Scopes for 308 Rifles Reviews

1. NightForce SHV Riflescope – Best for Longrange Shooting

When it comes to coupling the legendary .308 rifle with a scope, NightForce SHV 5-20X56mm serves one of the most appropriate options. It is one of the best scopes for .308 rifles, and the blend of a 56mm objective lens with 30mm tubing serves as one of the proofs.

The manufacturer is known to cater to the high demands of marksmen, and this is the reason they offered a magnification range from 5X to 20X. It features MOAR, Forceplex, and 4A reticle that gives you pinpoint accuracy along with optimum light transmission in any light condition.

We can assure you that you will hardly miss any shot with this scope because the exceptional clarity, vividness, and color the lens offers at every magnification will leave you flabbergasted. With parallax of 25+ yards .250 MOA click adjustment, you can comfortably return to the zero settings even if you have many elevation modifications.

It also features ZeroSet technology for elevation adjustment, and it makes it entirely easier for you, especially while you are in action. While shooting, you can comfortably place your eye without worrying about any recoil damage because NightForce has given a 3.15-3.54inch broad eye relief.

NightForce SHV 5-20X56mm is designed with premium quality material that allows it to withstand any big calibers and all sorts of wear and tear. Moreover, the tubing is constructed in such a way that it is entirely shockproof and waterproof.

30.5 ounce makes it very easy for hunters to carry it with the gun while they are sneaking in the forest for acquiring prey. It is matted to a black matte finish, thus making it easy for marksmen to hide it in plain sight. However, it lacks a mounting ring, and it may act as a deal-breaker for some buyers.

2. Vortex Optics Crossfire II – One of the top sellers

Vortex Optics Crossfire II can be introduced as one of the best scopes for .308 under 300 dollars that have never disappointed anyone in terms of performance and durability. The most highlight feature is its V-Brite illuminated MOA reticle that utilizes the V-Plex system with battery-backed electronics to illuminate the center dot. Having illuminated center dot in low-light conditions gives an edge to hunters and shooters in the jungle.

Not only that, the lens is fully multicoated, which depicts that it has numerous anti-reflective coatings and a specialized coating to enhance light transmission. The main priority of this riflescope is accuracy, and this is the reason it also packs a second focal plane reticle that maintains the reticle size even at the highest magnification.

To give full assistance to hunter during action hours, Vortex has given fast focus eyepiece that allows the hunter to focus the reticle quickly. It even gets 10yards to infinity/AO parallax settings, and they are destined to make hunting easier for you.

It is geared with a large 56mm objective lens that gives you a field of view of 100yards so you can expect to cover long-range targets. Moreover, this Vortex scope for 308 also comes with a variable power range between 3X and 12X, ensuring a wide coverage in the woods.

It acts as a lifetime investment because the aircraft-grade aluminum construction ensures decades of longevity without any damage. Besides, it also bags o-rings sealing and nitrogen purging, thus making it fog-proof and waterproof.

With 1/4 MOA finger click adjustment for the capped turret, you can quickly reset to zero after sighting one target. Another good thing about this rifle is the long eye relief with ultra-forgiving eye box that not only makes it easy to sight a target but also saves your brow from damage.

3. UTG 3-12X44 30mm – Compact Scope for 30-30 Rifle

If you are looking for the best scope for .308 under $100 from the tactical perspective, then you are in for a treat as UTG 3-12X40 perfectly suit your need. Blended with high-quality material and True Strength Platform construction, it ensures lifetime longevity without getting any huge dent. The construction also includes Smart Spherical Structure that maintains the stability in all the joints.

Moreover, it is built with target turrets that give you the ability to adjust the windage and elevation precisely. It is a versatile optic that performs in the same way even if you are using it foggy morning or rainy afternoon because the tubing is fog-proof, waterproof, and shockproof.

Geared with full 36 color EZ Tap reticle, it gives you a crisp and colored sighting of your target, and this is the reason it is one of the highly-rated scopes in the USA. This Leupold scope for 308 also gets a mil-dot reticle that takes the accuracy to a whole new level and never lets you miss any shot.

With this SWAT AO attached riflescope, you can expect to achieve an excellent and unparalleled parallax-free sighting from a minimum of 10yards to infinity. Unlike others, it comes with a premium emerald coated lenses coupled with front sunshade and flip-flop lens caps so that you can get illuminated without any interruption.

The amalgamation of particular circuits and housing design in the 30mm tube gives you a fully illuminated, uninterrupted view even after a heavy recoil. What amazing about this riflescope is that with the assistance of 3X to 12X magnification power, it facilitates you to cover all the mid-range targets.

Zeroing the turret, zero lockings, and precise adjustment are the highlights of this scope, so it ensures top-notch performance even while you are firing one after another. One of the major perks of owning this scope it the lifetime warranty coverage.

4. Vortex Optics Diamondback – Highly Durable 308 rifescope

Vortex Optics Diamondback

Vortex Optics Diamondback is a top of the line midrange scope for 308 that doesn’t require any introduction among tactical shooters and hunters. It is critically acclaimed that pampers you with a 40mm objective lens and 44mm eyepiece, so it ensures optimum sighting. The wide magnification power range from 4X to 12X makes it easy for you to cover short to medium range targets.

It gets an effective and consistent eye relief; thus, it prevents your face from getting any damage during any recoil. Vortex has also geared with the second focal plane so that the reticle size stays intact while you are shuffling the magnification to sight the target.

Acquiring preys will become quite comfortable with this Vortex scope for 308, and it is due to BDC 800 glass etched reticle that was customized for the trajectory of 308. Packed with a fully multicoated optical system, the array of anti-reflective layers ensures high accuracy with a vivid and clear view even at dusk.

Exceptional sighting the target is a specialty of this optics because it backed by a fast-focus eyepiece that gives you entirely focused view in split seconds. It sports a 1/4 MOA click adjustment along with a 100yard parallax setting, and it makes shooting easier for you.

It also optimized with a spot on ballistic match technology that highlights all the aiming points on your reticle despite the distance. With 60MOA maximum windage and elevation adjustment, it enhances the precision and accuracy of your .308 rifle.

You can instantly reset to zero by using spring-loaded zero-reset turret that comes handy during field adjustments. Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy serves as the build material of this scope, so you can expect it withstand the harshest of recoil. The solid tubing also carries o-ring seal and nitrogen purging that makes fully waterproof, shockproof, and fog-proof.

5. UTG 3-9X32 1″ BugBuster Scope

When you look for the best budget scope for .308, you will come across a lot, but one model that is unanimously liked by marksmen is UTG 3-9X32 BugBuster. It is a top-of-the-line scope that gets a 32inch medium objective lens with a wide field of view, thus making it entirely suitable for hunting.

Ranging from 3X to 9X magnification power lets you cover a wide area in the woods, thus increasing the chance to get your prey easily. This scope is all about top-notch accuracy and shooting performance, so this is the reason it bags range estimating mil-dot reticle.

UTG’s specialized red and green illumination is part of this scope, and it ensures proper sighting of the target even in the darkest hours. Despite the compact structure, it gets a 1inch tube with emerald coated lenses that deliver impressive light transmission for proper view. It has been designed to offer maximum illumination, and the presence of a 2inch sunshade along with flip-open lens cap serves as the proof.

Loaded with an adjustable comprehensive angle front objective, it gives you almost parallax-free view ranging from 3yards to infinity. You can freely use the scope without worrying about recoil damage as it has excellent eye relief that is suitable for the CQB mission.

Like other UTG’s highly praised scopes, it also gets class-leading zero lockage and resettable turrets with 1/4 MOA adjustment. A highlighting factor of this scope is its robust durability, and it is due to the True Strength platform along Smart Spherical Structure. The tube is entirely sealed and filled with Nitrogen so that it doesn’t get affected by rain, fog, or massive shock. Even though it has robust build quality but it only 13.9ounces, so running with the scope attached to the gun won’t slow you down.

6. Trijicon ACOG – Best for a .308 Battle Rifle

ACOG 3.5X35 scopes from the legendary riflescope maker Trijicon who is currently the leading supplier of US military and various NATO divisions. Once you use this high-end scope for 308, you won’t go back to any other scope, and it is mainly due to a dual-illuminated reticle that is used by Navy Seals.

Not only that, the green horseshoe reticle gives way for bullet drop compensation out to 1200meter, which is terrific for hunting scope in the market. It also sports tritium/fiber optics battery-free illuminated reticle that gives you the best view by automatically regulating vividness based on the outside light.

What makes it stand out in the crowd? You can sight your target with both of your eyes open because it applies the Bindon Aiming concept, thus making it suitable for CQB tasks. It is a combat-proven riflescope having a 10mm Exit pupil and 5.5-degree, so it gives you a lot of cover in close to mid-range targets.

Even though it gets a 2.39inch eye relief but it won’t hurt your eye or brow even if it faces a harsh recoil. To make targeting and shooting more accessible for you, it gives three clicks adjustment.

With forged 7075-T6 aircraft aluminum alloy housing, it treats you with one of the toughest build qualities you will find in a scope. The tube has been designed in such a way that it is not only shockproof and waterproof but it also bomb-proof. It gets a 35mm objective lens and 3.5X magnification so you can easily cover targets within 500yards range for snap shooting.

It comes equipped with military-grade TA51 mount, which ensures proper attachment even after heavy recoil. It is effortless to use in close combat because it only weighs 14ounces and offers fast sighting. It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty, so once you buy it, you won’t have to worry about any repair.

7. Vortex Optics Viper HS-T – Best Vortex Scope for .308

Vortex Optics Viper HS-T is a top-of-the-line riflescope that perfectly suits for people who want to cover long yards and won’t mind shelling a right amount of money. This scope for .308 long-range is based on a 30mm tube and packs a 50mm objective lens that gives you the best view while you are targeting.

With magnification power ranging from 6X to 24X, it facilitates you to acquire targets at long range without missing a shot. Most importantly, it is backed by VMR-1 MOA reticle that helps you to land your shot on the target accurately and that too at moving target in windy condition.

The 15.5inch long barrel also gets a second focal plane reticle that keeps the reticle appearance the same, thus keeping the pinpoint accuracy constant in every shot. Vortex has used a precision glide erector system in this lens so you can smoothly change magnification in any weather condition.

The lens is fully multicoated with an extra-low dispersion facility that brings out an unparalleled view with proper color saturation. Moreover, it also comes XR and Armortek coating that not only offers continuous lighting interaction but also protects the lens. You can quickly shoot the target after you sight it, and the credit goes to the fast-focus eyepiece.

It gets an exposed tactical-style turret and 1/4 MOA finger adjustment so that you can precisely target your shot. You will proper view without any parallax because it comes with parallax settings of 50yards to infinity.

When it comes to durability, it puts many scopes to shame, and it is due to the solid block of aircraft-grade aluminum built with rugged construction. The robust tubing is argon purged and o-ring sealed so that you can enjoy an optimum performance in fog and rain. The overall weight of this optics is 22.6oz, so you can stay assured that it won’t weigh on your hand while shooting.

8. Primary Arms SLx3.5 – Best Scope for Deer Hunting

Primary Arms SLX3.5 is specially designed optics that deliver performance and accuracy to outclass many top scopes for .308 rifle under $200. Enjoy flawless accuracy as it gets an ACSS HUD DMR reticle that is well-known as the most excellent moving target reticle in the world. It offers to pinpoint accuracy for moving target at three different speeds and that too up to 600yards.

Moreover, it also treats you bullet drop compensation with the wind till 1000yards, which is way more than its competitors. You will get a bright and clear view in your scope even in low light conditions, and it is due to the six illumination settings it receives that is backed by lithium coin battery.

Marked with illuminated red horseshoe and center chevron gives you the flexibility to quickly take down the close target without going through any hassle. Moreover, it gets an excellent glass clarity and fast focus eyepiece that gives a clean and crisp sighting of the target.

With an objective lens of 44mm, it allows you magnify your range from 4X to 14X with ease, and this is the reason it is often known as the best compact scope for .308. Also, the manufacturer has geared it with first focal plane optics that take the targeting performance to a whole new level.

The construction of this scope is nicknamed as “built like a tank” because it built using robust aircraft-grade 6063 aluminum and heavy-duty 30mm tube. The body is shockproof, fog-proof and waterproof so you can expect it to use in any weather condition without worrying about damage.

Like military level scopes, it also gets an exposed turret with zero reset facility and 1/2 MOA click value. The 3.5inch eye relief makes it easy for you to target prey without facing any damage. Primary Arms has also offered a 3-years warranty that covers any repair and replacement requirement.

9. FSI Sniper 6-24x50mm – Heavy Duty Scope for Hunting in the American North West

Eyeing for best scope .308 sniper? But have little budget constraints? Well, then you should look at FSI Sniper 6-24x50mm. It is a sniper grade scope that gets a 50mm objective lens and an exit pupil of 8mm, so getting a clear shot would become a piece of cake for you.

In addition, it lets magnify the power from 6X to mammoth 24X magnification, thus ensuring comprehensive area cover that comes help in forest. You can comfortably lay your eye to sight the target because it comes with a 3.3inch eye relief. You won’t have to wear glass to get a clear view, and partly, the credit goes to its clear glass.

FSI Sniper 6-24x50mm sports the mil-dot reticle that gives you a field of view up to 100yards so you can expect to get accurate shot every time you fire. To maintain optimum accuracy in any situation, it provides you a battery-backed three illumination options, and they are green, blue, and red.

Unlike others, it comes with a ball and bearing windage and elevation adjustment facility so that you can always precisely take your shot. Having a 15yard to infinity parallax settings, it facilitates you an uninterrupted and clear view without any parallax. Coupled premium multicoated lens, it enhances the clarity of the view by a large margin.

6061 T6 aircraft-grade build quality serves as another highlighting point of this scope, so you can expect it withstand all sorts of recoil and damage. It is also recoil tested with .50 Cal 150rd that is known for offering harsh recoil to any scope.

The turret is easy to adjust and gets 1/4 MOA click value. FSI has given some accessories with this scope, and the package includes mounting ring, extended sunshade, and scope caps. You will find a limited lifetime warranty with this scope and also 100% satisfaction guarantee coverage.


Choosing the ideal scope for your favorite .308 rifle is not an easy task, given the plethora of options available in the market. So we think that our curated list will help you to find the ideal optics companion for your hunting gun that will be worth the money you spend on them. All the products we have listed are after thorough examination made by our team experts, and they have been tested in real-time scenarios before inclusion.

All the products we have added caters to different hunting requirements. So if you want to sit and hunt down your prey in the woods, FSI Sniper 6-24x50mm suits best to your requirement. For tactical style shooting, you need to opt for scopes like Trijicon ACOG 3.5X35 that give pinpoint accuracy for close ranges. So we would request you to choose wisely while you are looking at the scopes on our list.


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