Best 223 Scopes

Best Scope for .223 Rifles Review and Buying Guide

As we all know, a .223 caliber rifle is an iconic gun that has taken the market by storm since its arrival in 1964. It became a rage among hunters, marksmen, and weekend shooters due to its accuracy and high performance. Unsurprisingly, it continues to charm everyone with exceptional accuracy. Even though it is powerful and versatile but it doesn’t negate the fact that that it won’t give you the fine accuracy with naked sight. To get the best out of the gun, you need to attach the best scope for 223 that will justify its prowess.

Top Scopes for .223 Rifles (Top 5):

NameAuthor's Rating 
Vortex Optics CF2-310155 star rating
Bushnell AR Optics5 star rating
Nikon P-223 5 star rating
Bushnell AR Optics5 star rating
Primary Arms SLX Compact4 star rating
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Best 223 Scopes

How To Clean a 0.223 Scope?

Cleaning a 0.223 is an essential task that you should accomplish at regular intervals because it ensures optimum performance and colossal longevity. We have provided some simplified steps that you can follow to clean your 0.223 scopes.

Step 1- At first, you need to disassemble the scope by taking off the mount and caps so that you can get into closed places that catch most of the dirt. However, you might not be able to disassemble specific scopes that have a one-piece construction.

Step 2 – Now arrange a specialized scope cleaner and soft towel to begin your cleaning task. Always use a soft cloth or any other light fabric because you want love to leave a scratch on the lens while cleaning. Similarly, avoid using ordinary cleaner to wipe the glass because it may damage the glass and other parts of the scope. Lastly, arrange a blower or duster to clean the dust.

Step 3 – In this step, you will have to remove the flaky dust and dirt before you clean the lens using cleaner. Properly blow away the dust so that there aren’t any particles remaining on the top layer, as it may cause scratch and smudge.

Step 4 – After you have blown away the dust, it is time that you have to use the clean the lens. First, spread or spray the cleaner in the soft towel or fabric and then use that fabric to clean the glass. While cleaning, move the towel in a circle so that you can appropriately clean the lens without leaving a smudge.

Step 5- Now, take the normal fabric or paper towel and spray the cleaner on them. Then use it to clean the body of the scope. Avoid spraying directly and also check whether the cleaner is compatible with the body of the scope.

Step 6- Once the cleaning process is over, use a soft fabric or micro-fabric towel to dry the whole scope. It is preferable to use a new or clean cloth for rubbing it on the lens. Polish close corners correctly so that there isn’t moisture left.

Step 7- Lastly, assemble the scope correctly and keep it tucked away in a clean place for some time.

What Makes A Great.223 Scope?

To be frank, several factors come into play that can make a great .223 scope. People mostly think that scope with top-notch accuracy serves as the best one, but there are other factors that play a major in making a scope great. The magnification range, along with the size of the lens, determines the performance of the glass. Magnification serves as the sole reason that the user needs scope for .223, so an extent needs to have an adequate magnification range depending upon the requirement. Also, an excellent requires a top-notch reticle, which will allow the user to precisely deliver the bullet at the right point.

The illumination amount also plays a significant role in determining the quality of the scope. You will always want a scope that will offer you properly illuminated sight even if the outdoor light condition isn’t excellent. A proper scope also needs to have an appropriate lens coating that will ensure maximum light movement without any dispersion. Generous eye relief is also an essential factor that decides the quality of scope because it saves the eye and brow from recoil damage. The type of focal plane the scope gets also adds to the accuracy of the scope because only a few models come with the first focal plane.

Most importantly, high-quality scopes are always made up of robust and aircraft-grade aluminum that offer not only colossal longevity but also shockproof capability. The tube must have nitrogen or argon filling along with o ring sealing because they ensure the waterproof and fog-proof ability of the scope. The turret type is an essential factor that helps you to differentiate between a good and poor scope. Lastly, top-notch scopes are always backed by a lifetime warranty so that users won’t have to worry about any damage cost. So these are some primary factor that makes a great .223 scope.

So take a look at our list that will guide you to the most exceptional scope for your 0.223 rifle.

Top 8 Best Scopes for AR-10 Rifles Reviews

1. Vortex Optics CF2-31015 – One of the Best Vortex .223 Scope

Vortex Optics Crossfire II 4-12X44 is a jewel in the scope market, and its incredible accuracy, along with performance, has made it the best seller in the market. This vortex scope for 223 is a spectacular device that makes use of a 44mm objective lens that guarantees you to have a clear sight of your target.

To ensure proper illumination while shooting, Vortex has incorporated a multicoated anti-reflective layer on the lens that offers a vivid and clear view. Along with the unobstructed view, you also get a massive zoom range of 4-12X, so the chance of shooting a long-range varmint or target is pretty much over 90%.

However, it’s dead-hold BDC rules its performance chart because it assures pinpoint accuracy by eliminating guesswork at varying ranges; thus, it is widely called as best 0.223 scopes for hunting. It also gets assistance from the second focal plane reticle that allows you to keep the target at sight in every range as it keeps the appearance the same.

The 24.7-8.4ft field of view range, on the other hand, deliver an uninterrupted and focused view. Fast focus eyepiece is also a part of this scope, and it paves the path for you to focus on your target within split seconds. It gets an efficient eye relief of 3.9inch, which maintains a safe distance.

The single-piece tube with aircraft-grade aluminum construction will blow your mind with its durability, strength, and shockproof capability. More than rigidity, the tube offers a lot of adjustments and lightweight body; thus, it doesn’t add much weight on the 0.223 rifles. To make the tube waterproof and fog-proof, the construction gets nitrogen gas purging and o-ring seals.

It gets a capped reset turret that is easy to adjust with MOA clicks, and it makes sure the reticle doesn’t make any compromise. On top of all, you will enjoy lifetime warranty coverage that covers all the damage and issue you will face while using this scope.

2. Bushnell AR Optics .223 Rifles

Planning to utilize your 0.223 rifles for CQB or any short-range task? Then put aside your extended range scope and mount Bushnell AR Optics 1-4X24. It is a highly rated piece of device that is all about giving you an edge in close ranges, and that is why it gets drop zone reticle, which is designed for proper sighting under 100yards.

However, you will get aiming points up to 500yards that make it easy for you to acquire mid-range targets with this one of the best BDC scopes for 223. Moving between close to mid-range shots with optimum accuracy is made possible with its 1-4X magnification range.

AR Optics 1-4X24 houses a mid-sized 24mm objective lens that offers a clear and bright view despite the outdoor light condition. Moreover, the lens is multicoated, which makes it gets an optimum light transmission for incredible brightness between dawn to dusk. No matter how fast your target is running or you are moving, its fast focus eyepiece will assist you in shotting down your target.

Most importantly, it gets a broad field of view of 112ft at 1X to 27ft at 4X so you can guess that you will get an uninterrupted look for most of the sightings. However, it only has a fixed parallax adjustment at 100yards, which might be a deal-breaker for some hunters.

When it comes to fine adjustments, it utilizes 0.1 MIL click target turrets and max 140 MOA for windage adjustment and 120 MOA for elevation. Crafted with robust aluminum alloy, it offers durability and rigidity that is at par with the best 223scopes for coyotes.

The tube is sealed from inside, so the chances of leakage are almost nil even during heaving rain. Moreover, the tube has an anodized finish that not only makes it scratch proof and also offers camouflage capability. Lastly, the manufacturer has thrown all tools for mounting in the package that makes it easy for you to couple it with the rifle.

3. Nikon P-223 – Nikon Scope for .223 Rifle

Nikon P-223 3-9X40 is a dedicated top coyote scope for 223 that delivers superior performance and features to treat you with fine shooting experience. Whether the target is at a short-range or mid-range, it won’t matter to you because it allows you magnify from 3X to 9X in any condition. With wide magnification, it also ensures proper coverage with its 40mm objective lens that maintains a crisp and vivid view at any magnification.

However, the main impact in the shooting is made by its BDC 600 reticle that features open circle aiming points and hash mark. The reticle assists you to get precise aiming between 100yards and 600yards by keeping the trajectory at the perfect position.

Nikon P-223 3-9X40 is entirely multicoated that provides the tube to get optimum brightness and 98% light transmission, so shooting in dim condition won’t be a problem. It may not be the best budget scope for 223, but it treats you with Spot-On ballistic match technology that highlights all the aiming points for comfortable shooting.

Unlike others in this price range, it packs generous and consistent eye relief so that your eye and brow stay even after the most substantial recoil. Enjoy parallax-free shooting with this rifle as it gets 100yards parallax free, and it ensures optimum precision even at high range.

It excels well in the adjustment department as it features an accurate 1/4 MOA hand-turn tactical style zero-reset turret along with 80 MOA max internal adjustment. It acts as a lifetime investment because it’s premium build quality offers top-notch sturdiness and strength that can resist even the harshest recoil.

The main tube construction is o-ring sealed and nitrogen filled, which adds to the robustness by making it fog-proof and waterproof. Most importantly, it gets a lifetime repair and replacement facility that is a boon to all the users. If there is any accidental damage, you just have to give it to the Nikon service center, and they will repair it for free.

4. Bushnell AR Optics
BDC SCope for .223 Rifles

We are delighted to present it to you, another high potential riflescope from the house of Bushnell is AR Optics 3-9X40 that meant for high performance shooting within mid-range. It is not your average short to mid-range, rather one of the best varmint scopes for 223 that comes with a 40mm objective lens for definite sighting.

This scope is widely known for keeping its excellent accuracy intact even when you change the magnification from 3X to 9X, thus depicting you will hardly miss any varmint. Moreover, you will also find help from its drop-zone BDC ballistic reticle that will precisely guide you to put the bullet at the right target. As the reticle is specially calibrated for .223 rifle, so it makes it easy for optimum accuracy even if the objective is at 500yards.

While aiming, clarity and vividness play a significant role in deciding the chance of acquiring the target, and that is why it gets a fully multicoated lens for a crisp view. Bushnell has provided all the necessary tools so that you achieve the best precision, and the availability of side focus parallax adjustment from 10yards to infinity serves as proof.

Moreover, it flaunts a fast-focus eyepiece that comes really handy while you are taking shots in quick succession. It even packs target turrets with 1/4 MOA click value so that you can opt for accurate adjustments.

It also features a throw-down power change lever so that you can customize the scope to two different height. The construction with highly-potent aluminum alloy gives it incredible strength and robustness that can put the best scope DPMS oracle 223 to shame.

The tube is nitrogen purged and o-ring sealed, which has helped it to get IPX7 waterproof rating and fog-proof capability. When you purchase this gun, you will receive Bushnell’s full lifetime ironclad warranty coverage that covers all the repairs.

5. Primary Arms SLX Compact – Gen II Prism Riflescope Scope for .223

Thinking to couple your 0.223 with close-range tactical style scope? But you don’t want to overspend? Then invest in Primary Arms SLxP5 5X36, which is a specially engineered scope intended for tactical shooters and shooters who requires take shots while running. Based on an ACSS BDC horseshoe reticle, it allows you to get highly accurate shots with range estimation, moving target leads, and wind speed.

Most importantly, it is composed of two-part where the first reticle offers quick shooting within 300yards while the last parts deliver precise shot from 400 to 800yards. Primary Arms has supplied detachable M1913 Picatinny top rail so that you can attach piggy-backed red-dot sight or accessories.

What’s more? It’s glass etched partially illuminated reticle that ensures a bright view with red or green illumination. It even five brightness settings so that you can use the scope without worrying about an outdoor light. It is built around a 36mm objective lens along with a 7mm exit pupil so that you always get a crisp and clear view of your target.

It may not get varying magnification range, but the 5X magnification will suffice all your suitable CQB or close-range tasks. With an 18.8ft field of view, it makes things more comfortable for you to take down the target as you a broad coverage through the eye box.

The prism focal plane also plays a crucial part in taking your shooting experience to a whole new level, thus making it one of the best 223 scopes for the money. It is built with top-end prism material that not only makes it shockproof but also makes it fog-proof and waterproof.

The entire body of the scope is adorned with durable type II hard-coat anodized black finish, so it makes the scope pretty much scratch-resistant. You can easily reset to zero after you have locked on your target, and it is due to the 1/3 MOA capped and tool adjustable turret.

6. Nikon Black X1000

Nikon Black X1000 4-16X50SF can introduce as a hidden gem in the scope market that delivers a jaw-dropping shooting experience with impressive features. The 50mm objective lens serves as the central part of this that offers not only a high-resolution view but also a big 6.8-27.2ft field of view for optimum coverage. It is a standard model in the list of numerous best scope for long-range 223, and the credit goes to its mammoth 4X to 16X magnification range. All thanks to its complete multilayer coating on all air-to-glass surface, the X1000 lens will ensure bright, high contrast and sharp view at every magnification.

Nikon Black X1000 4-16X50SF is more into accuracy rather than fancy features; thus, it comes with an exclusive X-MOA reticle. The reticle sports effective and modern tools for wind compensation, estimating range, maintaining holdover, etc. so that acquiring 800yards targets become easy for you. With a ten intensity level of red illumination on the side-mount control, you can adjust the brightness level within the tube to get the finest shooting environment. In addition to the etched glass reticle, it receives a second focal plane that also adds to the precision of the scope. The consistent 3.6-4inch eye relief, on the other hand, gives you a safe view through the tube by saving your brow from any recoil damage.

Enjoy fine-tuning for a clear image with the turret-mounted side focus parallax adjustment, and its effectiveness can be compared to high-end Leupold scope for 223. A crowd luring factor of this rifle is an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy body frame that offers the necessary rigidity and strength to last for decades. The 30mm tube is even o-ring sealed and nitrogen so that it is totally resistant to thermal and moisture. Besides, it is incredibly lightweight, so coupling it with a .223 rifle would increase the weight marginally.

We guess you will be satisfied with our review of all the top scopes. In addition to review, we would like you to look at some facts that will not only assist you to know more about .223rifle but also how to keep them clean.


We all know choosing the right scope for the legendary .223 caliber rifle isn’t an easy task given the abundant amount of choices you get in the market. You will have to get the best one because then only it can match the potential of the rifle and offer the required accuracy. To guide you to the best, our team has created the above list of top scopes that will perfectly blend with the gun. All the scopes are hand tested in our facility under the different conditions to ensure that we are providing you the right models.

Every scope in this list comes with a detailed review so that you can judge which model will suit your shooting requirement. Even though we have considered Vortex optics crossfire II as the top model but it doesn’t mean that other models are inferior to this model. In addition to performance, we have tried to bring variation in the price range by adding budget scopes like Nikon P-223 3-9X40 that comfortably get the job done. We have even provided facts about scope installation and factors that decide the quality of the scope.

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