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Best Long Range Sniper Scopes 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Whether you are a seasoned shooter or new to long-range shooting, you can’t accurately land a shot with the bare eye when the target is more than 500yard range. You need the assistance of best sniper scopes that will not only correctly guide your bullet to the target but will also compensate windage and parallax. Having the right sniper scope for your gun will not only elevate your accuracy but will also allow you to cover more range and have a clear sight of your target. However, when it comes to choosing, you will get confused between range, power, reticle, etc.

Top 5 Long Range Sniper Scopes:

So with our review of best sniper scopes, we have tried to make the selection task a straightforward affair for you.

Top 8 Best Long Range Sniper Scopes Reviews

1. FSI Sniper – One of the Best Sniper Scopes

FSI Sniper scope

A highly rated sniper scope from the brand Sniper is 6-24X50mm mil-dot optics that has taken the market by a storm. With not well-known brands like Sniper, you might not expect it to be an excellent performance scope initially, but once you install this optic, it will blow your mind. With a massive magnification range of 6X to 24X, accurately targeting a shot more than 600yards range won’t be a problem for you.

Its 50mm objective plays a considerable role in ensuring long-range accuracy by providing high-quality resolution and clarity across all magnification range. Comfort is one key factor for extended range shots, and that is why it gets an eye relief of 3.3inch.

Geared with an illuminated Mil-Dot color reticle, it facilitates you to get a clear and vivid view of your target at any light condition. The reticle is powered by a heavy-duty battery that gives out red, blue, and green illumination so that you can adjust your view depending upon the light condition.

The multi-coating in the lens also adds to the crystal clear view through the scope as it facilitates maximum light transmission through the one-meter tube. With 1/4 click value for elevation and wind adjustment, you can stay assured your bullet won’t get affected by wind, pressure, or gravity and will hit the target.

There is a reason that many marksmen consider it one of the finest sniper scopes, and the 15 to infinity parallax range serves as the proof. The manufacturer has also offered heavy-duty scope mount with this optics so that you can maintain the zero even if you face a harsh recoil.

The extended sunshade will be highly useful for you on bright sunny days, and your view won’t be affected by sun glare. It gets rock-solid construction, meaning it has sufficient durability to run for a long time.

You can use it anytime in any weather condition, and the credit goes to the fog-proof, shockproof, and waterproof design. Instead of providing you a lifetime warranty, it gives you a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

2. CVLIFE Hunting Scope with Scope Mount

CVLIFE Hunting Scope

Undoubtedly, CVLIFE 6-24X50 AOE is one of the best marksman sniper scopes we have ever tested. High accuracy performance with its broad 50mm objective lens is the key element of this scope, and thousands of positive reviews serve as the proof. The added clarity and vividness you get using this lens are pretty remarkable, and it lets you quickly get a bright sight of your target at 800yards.

All thanks to its wide 6-24X magnification ranges, it is designed to give you extensive coverage, whether your hunting in the woods or taking part in games.

Unlike other rifle scopes, this riflescope with 3.52inch of eye relief curbs down the chance of any eye damage by a large margin. With an excellent field of view of 28ft at 100yards, you will be flabbergasted with the clear image you will get in almost all ranges.

Its main motto is to give you a clear view even if you are shooting in the dark, and that is why it gets red and green illuminated AOE reticle. It also comes with five levels of intensity for both red and green illumination, thus giving you a good choice of a sniper scope. The mil-dot reticle is backed by a powerful battery that can deliver illuminated view for a long time.

Adjusting the scope based on the external condition is quite easy in this gun, and you will get 1/8 click value along with zeroing elevation and windage adjustment. Zeroing down your target has been made straightforward with its quick tactical lock, which indicates excellent marksmanship.

Based on high-strength aluminum alloy construction, it treats you with immense durability that can stand the taste of time. Despite being a heavy-duty scope, it only weighs around 630gm, so you can expect it not to add much weight to your overall long-range setup. The package contains a 20mm weaver dovetail rail, which is robust enough to maintain a strong bond.

3. Feyachi RFS-21 – Budget Sniper Scope

Feyachi RFS-21 6-24x50mm AOEG Rifle Scope

Feyachi RFS-21 6-24X50mm may be designed like just another sniper scope, but it is engineered to give to competition even the best sniper scopes for the money. Built from one-piece superior aircraft-grade aluminum, it will treat you with impressive durability. The body is fully anodized that not only adds to overall build quality but also makes it scratch resistant.

The 1inch tube is totally o-ring sealed and nitrogen filled, thus making it immune to fog, dust, water, and shock. Easy and fast adjustment is an essential need, especially when you are involved in some tricky task so it 1/4 MOA at 100yards windage and elevation adjustment.

With a high-resolution 50mm objective lens, this high powered sniper scope is meant to give you military-grade precision as it ensures a razor-sharp view of your target. Moreover, the lens is treated with multi-coating that provides optimum brightness through the eyepiece, even in low-light conditions. Thinking to shoot in the dark? Well, you can easily do it with the help of a red and green illuminated reticle.

It is a battery-powered five-intensity level reticle that facilitates you to change the brightness level depending upon your surroundings and target. Besides illumination, it also serves as a range finding reticle that allows you to calculate the distance from your target and land your shot perfectly.

Quickly sight and accurately shot your target with its front focus eyepiece, especially when the target is moving in the game or jungle. Like every sniper scopes, it also bags an excellent magnification range that traverses from 6X to 24X.

It gives you the benefit of having a proper view of your target at faraway places and aims at the right point. Thanks to its 81.53mm broad eye relief, you won’t have to worry about brow damage while having harsh recoils always. Surprisingly, it gets a five-years warranty coverage, which is unbelievable at this affordable price point.

4. SNIPER MT 6-24×50
Sniper Scope for Long Range Rifle

SNIPER MT 6-24x50 sniper scope

Another top-of-the-line optics from famed brand Sniper is 6-24X50 AOE hunting scope that has bagged numerous appreciation for its fluidic performance. First of all, the 50mm lens it gets is simply unbelievable, and it will always treat you with a pristine view with proper light intensity.

The lens is treated with advanced multi-coating that enhances overall light transmission and prevents any reflection or glare in the view. Needless to say, your eye will be treated with high clarity and splendid view from edge to edge. With such a premium lens, you are bound to get a broad field of view, and that is why it provides 15-4ft @100yards.

We can assure you will always have satisfactory shooting experiences while using this one of the best budget sniper scopes. The blue, green, and red color illuminated Mil-Dot reticle will always create the brightest view with colored aim-point so that you can accurately take a shot.

Moreover, it also gets the last active memory function, auto-off illumination, and quick-reach operation button, which are dedicated to long-range shooting an easy affair for you. Well, you can easily adjust your aim to target within a short time because you will have 1/4 MOA click wind and elevation adjustment along with QTA tactical turret.

However, its 6-24X impressive magnification range takes all the limelight, and it can make the best battlefield sniper scope run for its money. To ensure negligible parallax for excellent long-range accuracy, Sniper has engineered it with a 15yards to infinity parallax settings. However, 3.3inch eye relief might not be able to impress, and it is a tad bit less when compared with its competitors.

It is built with A6061-T6 top-quality aluminum alloy and robust Cardan joint that ensures decade long longevity without any issue. Most importantly, the 1inch is completely sealed with o-ring and carries nitrogen purging so you can comfortably use it misty morning, rain, or any harsh condition. Unfortunately, you will only one-year limited warranty, which might be a deal-breaker.

5. Sniper brand LT – A Good Quality Sniper Scope

Sniper brand LT sniper scope

Fancy a tactical new sniper scope that will quench your long-range shooting needs? Well, we present to you Sniper 6-24X50 Tactical sniper scope. Based on aircraft-grade T6 aluminum alloy, it gives you robust build quality that ensures it can hold all the pieces together even after a heavy recoil. It is a well-protected sniper scope as the tube is nitrogen purged and o-ring sealed, meaning it can protect the scope from fog, shock, and water.

Even though it is highly durable, it is quite lightweight and weighs only 2.5lbs. While zeroing your target, you can keep your eye at a safe distance of 3.5inch, and you will still get a proper view.

Being a long-range scope, it lets you cover target from 6x magnification to all the way up to 24X, thus giving your prowess to get precision at long range. During scoping, you can use the 1/4 MOA click wind and elevation modification facility to guide your bullet to the target accurately.

You can even QTA tactical turret to make any quick adjustment without losing the sight of your target. It gets a large field of view range of 16inch-4inch that is adequate enough to have a precise shot without getting a blurred view. The second focal plane will also assist you in extended-range shots as it will keep the reticle size the same.

You can utilize the sniper throughout the day without worrying about the light condition, and it is due to blue, red, and green illuminated reticle that is powered by a battery. The Mil-dot reticle gets front AO adjustment, and it makes sure you at the A-level of your marksmanship.

Always enjoy superior high-resolution and clarity from edge to edge with its premium 50mm objective lens. However, the main reason behind the high-quality view is the multi-coating that ensures proper light transmission with minimal glare and reflection.

6. Sniper MT4-16X50AOL – Sniper Scope for Hunting

Sniper MT4-16X50AOL sniper scope

When you go through different seasoned shooter’s great choice of a sniper scope, one model that you will find in many lists is Sniper MT 4-16X50. Geared with red and green illuminated Mil-dot reticle, it pampers you with top-notch accuracy and optimum level of brightness almost at all distances it can cover.

It gets a quick reaching button operation so that you properly focus on your long-range target and won’t have to struggle with other functions. Many shooters have commended this optic for the smooth shooting experience it offers with the help of auto-off illumination and last active color memory function.

It gets the standard sniper scope 50mm objective lens, but what sets it apart is the premium level clarity and resolution it has on offer. Having a rich quality view through the scope definitely enhances your accuracy and confidence in acquiring the target.

The lens also flaunts a high-end multi-coating that ensures not only bright images from edge to edge but also make sure glare-free viewing in bright day. The package comes with an effective sunshade that also comes handy. Whether you want to cover 100yards or 700yards, you can clearly sight your target in most of the ranges, and the praise goes to its mammoth 4-16X magnification range.

Adjustment is one thing that is crucial for every different sniper scopes, and MT 4-16X50 is no different. It gets QTA tactical turret, 1/4 MOA click value for wind and elevation, zero resettings, and elevation/windage zero locking facility so you can adjust the optics for achieving the most excellent accuracy possible.

It is one of those optics that can be subjected to any rough condition, and it won’t get a crack. It is constructed from top-end aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and designed with a strong Cardan joint that makes it a very strong sniper scope. Fog, shock, or water won’t ever damage the scope, and it is due to the nitrogen purging along with the o-ring seal in the body.


With this guide, we have tried to bring you the best sniper scopes that will not only provide a complete long-range setup but will also offer you accurate shots. Here, we have focused more on performance rather than brand names; thus, you are likely to see the most advanced field sniper scopes from big brands.

The scopes we have added like CVLIFE 6-24X50 AOE and Sniper 6-24 X 50mm Mil-Dot carries numerous positive review that you won’t even find in popular models. One thing that will impress you most about all the optics in this list is the pricing, which is really affordable.

The build quality and precision you will find in all the optics in our list is simply remarkable, and they won’t ever let you down. Every optics has an illuminated reticle; thus, you can easily use them any time of the day, although battery life varies from model to model. The big size objective lens in models like Feyachi RFS-21 6-24X50mm will really impress you with clarity and vividness. Most importantly, they are light and easy to install, so whether you will use the scope for the first time or 100th time, it won’t matter.

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